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Apeaksoft Screen Recorder Review

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Mar 22, 22, updated May 20, 24

Apeaksoft Screen Recorder is a free program that enables you to quickly record video and sound from your computer's screen. You may easily record online video and sound, games, meetings, video instructive exercises, and so on in the highest possible quality. You may establish the chronicle region, create recording settings, examine and save the recorded documents as genuine arrangements using this easy to use video and sound screen recorder. You won't need to buy another downloader if you use this screen recording program since it will save you time and transfer speed by recording instead of downloading.

If you need to record a video conference, you should use this Apeaksoft screen recorder review to activate both of them. Streaming games have grown more popular in recent years, necessitating the creation of video training activities for using various types of software. None of this would be possible without the right tools for the job, which is mostly where an application like Apeaksoft screen recorder free comes in. Its Apeaksoft screen recorder Mac version is more spectacular than downloader since it can preserve more, such as gaming measurements, video gatherings, and web-based recordings, among other things. These features are the highlight of this Apeaksoft screen recorder review. When you record a video, you have the option of recording the real video's speech using the framework sound or recording your own voice using amplifier voice.

Part 1. How to Download and Use Apeaksoft Recorder

You may also capture the lock window using Screen Recorder. You may also pick which screen you wish to capture if you have multiple screen devices. To provide customers with the highest level of efficiency, it can capture recordings/sounds of any duration as needed and on occasion by arranging scheduled tasks. As amazing as the Screen Recorder is, it allows you to create the settings you want ahead of time and then record video using those settings at a later date. If you have a lot of on-screen workouts to record in a comparable interest, it's a big plus.

Step 1. Keeping Track of Screen Movements

You may use this screen recording program on your PC once you've installed it. From the main interface, choose "Video Recorder." You should choose the accounting zone before recording continuous contact, Skype calls, online meetings, or real-time recordings with this screen capturing program.

screen movement

Step 2. Change the Sound Settings

If you're going to record a video gathering or a Skype call, you'll probably need to pick both the foundation sound and the amplifier. To verify that the checkmarks appear, snap the framework sound and mouthpiece together.

change the sound settings

Step 3. Record PC Screen

To begin recording, click "REC" on the right side of this video screen recorder once you've adjusted the chronicle zone and sound. Furthermore, it will display the hotkeys. You may change it to suit your needs. By pressing the composing sign throughout the chronicle, you may construct a sketch or add explanations according on your needs.

record pc screen

Step 4. Save the Recorded Video

To finish the recording procedure, snap the red square in the top left corner. It will then display you all of the papers that have been recorded since that time. It also has a variety of gadgets on the right-hand sidebar that you may use to change recordings.

save the recording video

Part 2. Key Features of Apeaksoft Recorder

Screen Recorder with a Simple Interface

The video recorder has the greatest number of options to provide. It allows you to record the entire screen or a specific area, as well as include framework sounds, as well as mouthpiece and webcam inputs. You can fine-tune how the product captures video film, including changing the quality and edge rate. Apeaksoft Screen Recorder also enables you to store configuration profiles so that you can quickly switch between different settings.

Keep Track of The Game's Progress.

You may record any ongoing conversation you like and then share it with friends, or you can record videos of other people's interactions from the internet to enhance your playing skills.

Two-in-One Recorder:

The application has distinct options for video and sound recording, as well as screen capture, so it meets a wider range of requirements than you may think.

Create a video tutorial

Any on-screen workouts will be recorded on your PC over time. With this Apeaksoft screen recorder free version, you may include your mouse pointer with redid size and shading to make your movie appear crisper.

Separate Media Manager

Apeaksoft Screen Recorder comes with its own media manager, which makes locating screen grabs and chronicles much easier than using Windows Explorer. Additionally, the software provides options for modifying and transferring records, as well as moving them to an iOS device; however, you must download and install additional toolkits for these tasks.

Make A Video Recording of Any Videos

On the PC, Apeaksoft Screen Recorder is a powerful video capture program. You won't need to check for any other sources for extensive specifications after reading our Apeaksoft screen recorder review.

Mouse Cursor Highlighting

This is very useful for making video introductions. You may utilize the mouse cursor to make it easier to track your activities on-screen. You may also describe the tone of the feature and its current condition.

Any Audio Source May Be Recorded

This ingredient is what makes this Screen Recorder unique. When you record a video, you have the option of recording the real video's speech using the framework sound or recording your own voice using amplifier voice. You should turn both of them on if you need to record a video conference.

Part 3. Apeaksoft Recorder In-Depth Review

Apeaksoft Screen Recorder has its own media manager, which makes finding screenshots and recordings much more convenient than using Windows Explorer. You may also edit and convert the files, as well as transfer them to an iOS device, using the program, but you'll need to obtain and install other tools for these tasks. The program is simple to use and has a contemporary and appealing interface. It allows you to record video and audio, as well as capture separate screen photos if desired.


You can modify the recording area, schedule tasks, adjust audio settings, and more with Apeaksoft Screen Recorder. You might also preview the captured files before storing them. It also enables you to highlight the mouse pointer to make tracking your actions on screen simpler. You may also customize the color and form of the highlight.

Hot-keys and key bindings are nothing new to gamers, therefore utilizing them with this application will be a piece of cake. You may program your hotkeys to do anything from start, pause, or stop a recording to capturing screenshots or turning off the camera stream. The recordings you save are then saved in a directory of your choice, with formats such as MP4, WMV, MOV, and others to pick from.


The application has different settings for video and audio recording, as well as screenshots of the screen, so it may be used for more than you would think. These choices are organized on a little user interface, and each one brings up a separate set of settings. Simply connect your Android or iPhone to your computer, and Apeaksoft Screen Recorder will quickly record the material on your phone. Before recording, you may choose the resolution to 4K, 2K, 1080p, and so forth. This program also allows you to take a photo, alter it, and apply a watermark on it.


You may use it to record a variety of media files, such as game play, video meetings, and so on. If you're a gamer, it can easily record your game play at a high frame rate, which you can then post on Twitter or Facebook. Additionally, you may use it to easily record your webcam. Apeaksoft Screen Recorder recognizes that having fun and playing games isn't everything. As a result, its characteristics make it excellent for shooting videos, taking images, and taking screenshots of any product or service you're selling.

Part 4. Alternative Way to Record Video

Are you looking for a good Apeaksoft screen recorder replacement? Filmora is the best option. It's perfect for making web-based recordings and distributing them. If you like playing online games and want to share your skills and knowledge, then Filmora is the app for you. You may successfully record and capture high FPS recordings with this equipment. Clients may use the camera and microphone audios to screen record recordings and capture live recordings at up to 120 frames per second.

Wondershare Filmora has shown to be excellent for all types of recordings, and professionals have recommended it because to its versatility and ease of use. It includes advanced video editing capabilities, making it a better choice than many free screen recorders, such as Apeaksoft screen recorder. Most customers choose this product because it simplifies the best recording experience by allowing them to choose between encoder output and Fast JPG encoding approaches.

Try It Free

For Win 7 or later (64-bit)

Try It Free

For macOS 10.12 or later

Steps to Record Audio with Filmora:

Step 1.Download and install

The foremost thing you must get this software program from the following links. After the download is complete, you may install it on your computer and begin using it.

Step 2. Open Screen Recorder

The next step is to launch the software program so that you can begin recording audio without delay. To do so, go to the Start New Recording button in the start-up box, and the recorder will open as follows:

record pc screen

Step 3. Customize the Recording Source

With the integrated options in Filmora's recorder, you may completely modify your recordings. You may also choose your audio source, such as microphone, system sound, or both.

launch the recorder

Step 4. Start/Stop Recording

Now is the time to start the recording, which you can do by pressing the red circular recording button, which will start the recording of your audio.

recording start

Step 5. Edit and Save the Recordings

After you've finished editing your recordings, click the Export option to save them to your selected place in the appropriate audio format. You may also immediately upload your audio files to your YouTube channel. To share your audios straight to your YouTube channel, just go to the YouTube navigation bar and pick the Sign-in option.

option


There are many product toolkits that conduct screen recordings that look to follow a similar regular UI pattern, and Apeaksoft Screen Recorder free is no exception. The design is modest and built on top of the Windows 10 operating system, without being too stylish and remaining intuitive and straightforward. Despite the fact that Apeaksoft screen recorder free is the most expert method to recording any on the web and real-time video/sound in several mainstreams, it also has a standard cost of $47.96. That's why we included the finest alternative to this toolbox in our Apeaksoft screen recorder review.

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