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The LoiLo Game Recorder [Complete Review]

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Dec 31, 21, updated May 20, 24

Most gamers like to utilize a game screen recorder which takes less space on PC, so LoiLo is one of the regularly seen choices from the Internet. It isn't difficult to unequivocal that assuming a not-awful decision for individuals doesn't realize well pretty much all screen recorders. Assuming you are the person who has a similar inquiry, you have come to the perfect locations as that is the thing that we will talk about plainly in this post. To record ongoing interaction recordings without occupying a lot of room on the hard drive, you can utilize LoiLo Game Recorder. Contrasted and others without non-screen recorder applications, the program has negligible presentation misfortune. Consequently, you can play and record interactive videos with LoiLo Game Recorder simultaneously.

LoiLo Game Recorder is a free screen recorder for Windows 8 and Windows 7 (32 bit/64 bit). You can screen record game video on your PC with game sound and your voice. The wonderful goal can arrive at the harmony between document size and picture quality. After recording an interactive video, you can share it to YouTube inside LoiLo Game Recorder straightforwardly. Hence, the LoiLo screen recorder is decent assistance for YouTubers. Even though it is allowed to download, you can track down a few valuable highlights in the product Truth be told, it was created as a connection to the video altering application, LoiLoScope, yet LoiLo Game Recorder stays free and doesn't need instalment. This post will share a total manual for the game recording application. To get more data about this screen recorder, you can allude to the accompanying LoiLo Game Recorder review here.

Part 1. Key Functions of LoiLo Game Recorder

Assuming that you are looking for an all the more amazing asset, LoiLo Game Recorder is the most ideal decision. It isn't simply instinctive to utilize, yet additionally offers broad instruments. LoiLo Game Recorder is a handy recorder, in any event, for novices. You ought to comprehend that the source material is a significant variable. Independent of the goal you are recording, the arrangement is the initial phase in making noteworthy ongoing interaction accounts. In addition, LoiLo Game Recorder is a work area application and has no compact rendition, so you want to introduce it on your PC. Fortunately, you can download it from the authority site free of charge.

Simple to Use: The LoiLo Game Recorder is an extremely straightforward and simple to utilize free recorder. So, at whatever point you need to begin recording the screen, you simply need to open the chosen game, press the record button and all done. There are no additional choices to burn through your time.

Variety of Recording Resolutions: The LoiLo Game Recorder upholds the Motion-JPEG design which empowers you to arrive at the right harmony between picture quality and document size. This will likewise make you ready to make stunning full HD recordings in the best sensible document size without occupying the enormous room of your PC.

Good Features Support: LoiLo upholds various famous games, including Battlefield 4, COD: Ghosts, League of Legends, World of Warcraft, and some more. The straightforward interface requests that you pick the game you are playing, and afterwards click record.

Minimum CPU Performance Loss: LoiLo additionally limits execution misfortune while gaming and recording. Assuming the straightforward demonstration of recording your play makes the interactivity experience inferior, the product simply won't be useful eventually. LoiLo showed less execution misfortune while being utilized than some other contender sans non-application.

Compressed Recording Size: Since LoiLo Game Recorder upholds Motion-JPEG, you can record and save your ongoing interaction video in little size yet with top calibre. In this way, you can save more plate space however the nature of the video doesn't lose. You can likewise record full HD video to work on the picture of the ongoing interaction video.

Recording with Audio: You can record your games with sound, or without. Assuming that you record without sound, you have the choice to overlay a soundtrack later on. The basic and simple to utilize, the natural interface makes the entire interaction rather pleasant.

Best for YouTubers: LoiLo Game recorder for windows is an entirely solid easy to understand application that permits the client to get the film from any PC game, in any event, permitting the client to record the live analysis in the footage. Overall is an extraordinary application particularly for web-based gamers and YouTubers

Part 2. How to Use LoiLo Game Recorder

LoiLo Game Recorder is an extraordinary choice for individuals searching for a program that can record superior grade, HD in-game recordings without taking up a monstrous measure of room on their hard drive. Possibly the most amazing aspect of all – it's free. LoiLo permits you to catch your video utilizing the Motion-JPEG document design. This empowers you to record a lot of full HD video without stressing over rapidly filling your hard drive. The reasonable document sizes can truly make the entire interaction much simpler.

Step 1: Launch LoiLo Recorder

When you need to catch your ongoing interaction, open LoiLo Game Recorder, and select the activity from the dropdown list.

loilo game recorder

Step 2: Customize Gameplay Screen

To set the custom choices, click the Settings button with a stuff symbol to open the popup discourse. Click the button in the Save Location segment and pick the index to store the accounts. Then, at that point, redo the Resolution and different choices in the Video area. Furthermore, you can set the Shortcut Keys as per your inclinations. Click the Close button to affirm it.

Step 3: Start Gameplay Recording

Next, click the Microphone symbol to open the Record Your Voice discourse. Take a look at the Record Your Voice choice assuming that you hope to add your voice, and afterwards change the Volume. Hit Close to return to the home interface of LoiLo Game Recorder. Start your ongoing interaction and snap the Record button at the upper right corner.

loilo recorder settings

Step 4: Stop the Recording

When your ongoing interaction is finished, hit the Stop Recording symbol to save the recording to the library. Then, at that point, you can choose to share it to YouTube or tap the Folder symbol to send out it to your hard plate.

Part 3. Best Alternative to LoiLo Recorder

LoiLo Game Recorder isn't an underlying media player. Additionally, you can't conclude the resulting design since it can just save video accounts in AVI design. Assuming LoiLo Game Recorder is too easy to even consider making game accounts for you, we propose you attempt Wondershare Filmora. As the best option in contrast to LoiLo Game Recorder, the last option gives support of level highlights in the manner that everybody can dominate. Aside from being a game recording application, you can utilize it to record a meeting s, and then some. It is simply difficult to utilize, yet additionally offers progressed highlights.

As a screen recording program that runs on two Windows and Mac, it permits you to record video, sound, voice and webcam exclusively or simultaneously. It can even record around the mouse, or record rejects specific windows as indicated by your requirements. To add explanations and your face while recording interactivity video, you can utilize Wondershare Filmora as your option in contrast to LoiLo Game Recorder. Contrasted and LoiLo Game Recorder, you can get planned assignments, hotkeys, continuous drawing instruments, video trimmer, webcam overlay and other recording inclinations. You can record interactivity video up to 60 fps. Moreover, you can make online courses, record video calls and recordings too.

Try It Free

For Win 7 or later (64-bit)

Try It Free

For macOS 10.12 or later

Step 1: Install and Launch Filmora Game Recorder

To start with this game recorder, you need to download and install the application inside your system. For that, you can use this game recorder on the go. Just visit the Wondershare official platform on the web and from there, you can find both versions of Filmora software, i-e., Windows and Mac versions with the latest version.

filmora screen recorder

After that, you can proceed by going to the File > Record Media and then select your desired format of screen recording from the list as shown here. It'll take you to the user-friendly UI of Filmora where you can pick up the recording feature on-spot as shown in the figure below:

Step 2: Set up the Game Screen

After the customizations to the game recording including webcam, microphone, gameplay sound and much more, simply hit the Record button and it shall start recording your customized screen right away. Now as you're done with the recording, you can hit the Stop button as same as the process how you've started the recording. Inside the editor, you can edit the content with full features as Filmora gives you numerous editing tools to utilize.

wondershare screen recorder settings

Step 3: Save/Share Gameplay Recording

Now, after the successful editing with Filmora, when you've everything summed up, you can then save your edited game recordings right from there. you have a lot of choices to select while sending out your screen catching and webcam chronicles after you're finished with the altering part. For that, hit the Export button at the top-right corner of the product interface as follow

filmora recording screen

The best part with this game recorder is that Wondershare Filmora also allows you to upload your recorded and edited content directly to YouTube or some other renowned platform, you can without much of a stretch select your desired platform to share from there.


Presently, you ought to get what is LoiLo Game Recorder is and how to utilize it. It can't be rejected that it is a basic method for catching your interactivity on Windows. Certainly, you could likewise get more game recorders for PC here. With everything taken into account, it's not difficult to come by a solid and incredible option for LoiLo Game Recorder to catch screen recordings. Wondershare Filmora Screen Recorder would be the best one and it is truly worth an attempt. It permits you to record videos of any dynamic component on your work area screen continuously. What's more, they're exceptionally free with regards to customization, allowing you to browse a few catching choices.

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