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[Infographic] Social Video Marketing Tips for Small Business

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Jun 11, 2024• Proven solutions

In the 21st century, the question is no longer whether or not it is possible to reach millions of potential clients, but what is the fastest and the most efficient way to do it. The moving digital images have enabled us to produce content of the highest quality and to create far-reaching video marketing campaigns that leave the viewers breathless. Some estimations say that by the end of this decade videos will claim the majority of the Internet traffic, which means that video promotion is the future of advertising.

Video content such as Explainer videos, Demonstration videos or Testimonial videos have proven to be an effective tool for improving an overall performance of companies because they build trust. 98% of people say that they first watch explainer videos to find out more about a company, before choosing to use its services. Let's dive into the futuristic world of social video marketing.

Don't miss out on more startling facts about Social Video Marketing featured in our Infographics because they will give you an insight into the future of online marketing. Scroll down and learn all you need to know about the latest trends that will make your company a smashing success.

video marketing tips for small business in 2017

Reasons to Use Videos for Product or Brand Promotion

The modern market demands a strategy that will present your brand and its services in a flattering light because if your public image doesn't seem trustworthy, your potential business partners might opt to use the services of your competitors. Including an Explainer video on the homepage of your company's website may increase conversion rates up to 80%, because it will enable you to share the values that are essential for your brand with each and every visitor to your website.

Furthermore, we all know how important Google Search Rankings are for the online visibility of products, companies and anything else on the Internet. Videos can increase your' company's chances to land on the first page in the Google searches by 53%, which means that your concerns about search rankings on Google can be reduced by producing engaging and fun to watch promotional videos.

Digital video content can be easily uploaded to video sharing platforms and distributed across social networks, and if the videos are engaging enough, even 76% of users will share your branded content. Well-crafted, skillfully written and produced videos will catch the eye of the public which is exactly what companies that want to grow more popular need.

The Perks of Unique Content

Thinking that all videos are the same, is perhaps the biggest misconception you can have about social video marketing. The type of the video you'll need to produce in order to attract the attention to your company's services is directly related to the content you want to feature in that video. Demonstration videos are perfectly suited for display of the product's capabilities, while customer testimonials will enable you to share first-hand experiences of your loyal customers with the rest of the world.

Everyone wants to hear a tale well told, and choosing the Internet as a place where your videos will be shown is the right choice, since 39% of company executives will call the service provider after watching a video that tells the story of your brand. Business relies on trust, which makes establishing a strong connection to your target group all the more important, and moving images are much more likely to establish that connection than written content. Furthermore, an average Internet user spends 16 minutes per day watching online video ads, make sure that at least one minute belongs to you, through unique and thought-provoking content.

Social Media as Means of Reaching Larger Audiences

If no one knows about your brand, then it is hard to sell the services you are offering, regardless of how world-changing they are. Social media has allowed us to have our voices heard around the world, which is the reason why all companies that aim to increase their sales should use it to distribute their video content.

YouTube has recently reported that mobile video consumption has increased by 100% each year in the last several years. This fact proves that reaching people wherever they are is no longer a dream. Keep in mind that a single minute of video is worth 1.8 million words to your clients because it keeps your messages short and effective.

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Richard Bennett
Richard Bennett is a writer and a lover of all things video.
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Richard Bennett

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