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Best video editing software to make a side-by-side video
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How to Put Two Videos Side by Side [Split Screen Video]

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Mar 27, 2024• Proven solutions

We might want to put two videos side by side for a number of reasons. Sometimes it is because we might want to look at the same thing, but from two different perspectives to grasp a better idea of it. At others, it's simply because we want to draw comparisons in two different plots at the same time that we want to look at them playing side by side. Sometimes you might want to compare the quality of two different videos for which you would want to play them at the same time to make a better judgment. People who share content online on sites like YouTube might want to use this feature in order to create an interesting video.

In this article, we will show some of the best video editing software to create a side-by-side video by putting two or more videos on the same frame on Windows and Mac, as well as the step-by-step tutorial about making a side-by-side video with two easy ways.

Part 1: Best Software That Can Help You Create Side-By-Side Videos

The software listed below is can be used on Windows or Mac for putting two or more videos side by side and playing the video simultaneously. It concludes a free solution for Mac users that are using iMovie to create a split screen video, some professional video editing software like Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere Pro CC, and an easy-to-use yet powerful enough video editor like Filmora.

1. Wondershare Filmora – the Best Software to Put Two Videos Side by Side for Beginners

Download Win VersionDownload Mac Version

One of the best software that you can use to put two videos side by side is Wondershare Filmora. You can use it on your Windows PC as well as the Mac computers. As you may know, Filmora video editor is developed by our team, but why do we recommend you to use it for creating Side-by-Side videos? Here are some highlights:

  • 30+ Animated Split-Screen Presets and Templates for Creating Side-by-Side Video with Animations
  • Detach audio from the video and add your own voiceover and background music to the side-by-side video
  • Advanced video editing tools such as Green Screen Composition and Video Stabilization for improving your video into next level
  • Color Tuning Tools for polishing your video footage with Hollywood style
  • Various filter and visual effects to touch up your video
  • Built-in Music Tracks and Sound Effects for different occasions.
  • Wide support for video formats such as FLV, F4V, AVI, MPEG, WAV, DAT, EVO, and many others

Wondershare Filmora also provides other video effects through which you can add credits or other text to your videos. You can easily add other effects as well to enhance your video colors. Besides the basic tools, it gives you advanced tools which let you add a picture-on-picture, Mosaic, Face-off, tilt-shift your videos, etc. When you are done with editing, you can save it to your laptop in any popular video format of your choice.

2. Adobe Premiere Pro CC - Best Tool for Putting Two videos Side by Side for Professionals

Considered one of the best applications which can help you put two different videos on the screen at the same time. It helps you add other effects to your video as well. If you are working with Master Clips, the app will automatically work more smoothly. However, there have been some issues detected when you are running this app on your MacBook. Another setback of this software is that you have to rent the tools that you are using which means that you have to pay for them.

3. Final Cut Pro - Best Professional Video Editor for Mac Users to Make Side by Side Video

Another efficient software for splitting videos is Final Cut Pro X 10.2. In addition to splitting your screen to add two videos at the same time, you can use many other features as well to enhance your content. It also allows you to refine the colors of your video by providing different tools. However, if you are a new user, you have to pay more. Furthermore, there are no integrated tracking options for mask effects.

4. iMovie: FREE Built-in video editor for Mac Users to Create Videos Side by Side

As iMovie is coming with all new iPad and Mac computers, you can now directly use it to edit and make split-screen videos without any further installation, which makes it a good choice to put two or more videos side by side.

The process of making a side-by-side video in iMovie is using the Video overlay settings, which means you put two videos on different tracks and make sure that one is just above another, and then adjust the position in the preview window to make it side by side. You can check the video tutorial below to make a side-by-side video in iMovie.

For the detailed step of making a split-screen video in iMovie, you can check How to use the split screen in iMovie for Mac.

Part 2: How to Put Videos Side by Side with Wondershare Filmora

Besides the video editing software listed above, you can also use some video collage makers online to put videos side by side. In the following parts, I'll share detailed information about how to create a side-by-side video in Filmora.

There are two ways for putting videos side by side in Filmora. One is using the pre-programmed split-screen effects, another is using the video overlays.

Method 1: Put Videos Side by Side with Split-Screen Presets

Filmora allows you to create professional split screen effects by placing 2 or more video clips next to each other. There are split-screen 30 styles built in it for you to choose from. You can start, play, stop, and pause these videos at the same time. In order to create split videos on Wondershare Filmora, follow these steps:

First, download Filmora for free.

Download Win VersionDownload Mac Version

Step 1: Import video files you want to use to the media library.

import videos into Project Media Library

Step2: Click the Split Screen button, pick the target preset you want to use for your video, and drag it to the timeline.

add split screen preset to timeline

Step3: Drag the video or image to the Presets to create a split-screen video. Click the Advanced button to enter the Advanced Split Screen Editing interface, where you can adjust the starting point of each video clip, trim out unwanted clips or correct the color and add some motion effects.

add video by side

Note: when you playback these side-by-side videos, you may hear all audios from these videos. In this case that you just want to keep one of it, just click the Volume icon in the Drop Zone to mute other video audio. If you don’t want any audio from these videos, you can turn it off and then add your own audio file. You can also apply a Border to each sub video clip and change the border color to make the side-by-side video stand out.

Step4: Click Export and save the split video to different formats, upload to YouTube or burn to DVD.

export side by side video

Method 2: Place videos side by side with Filmora Video Overlay

Besides putting videos side by side with the split-screen feature in Filmora, you can also make it by using the video overlay feature, or PIP feature if you prefer. Follow the steps below to check how to place videos side by side.

Download Win VersionDownload Mac Version

Step 1. Import Media to Media Library

Follow the above-mentioned importing steps to load the video in Media Library.

Step 2. Place Videos in Different Tracks

Drag and drop the videos to various tracks and make sure that they have the same duration.

 Video Overlay

Step 3. Positioning in Preview Window

Drag the yellow box in the preview window and adjust the positions and size of each video to make it looks good. Or you can double click the clip in the timeline and then change its position, direction and scale under the Transform option.

 Filmora9 change transform

Step 4. Audio Adjustment

Mute one audio of the video or both of them, and use your own audio file or the audio effects from Filmora's Audio Library. You can also caption the videos with some cool text effects.

 Filmora 9 Effects

Step 5. Save and Export

After the previewing, click the Export button to export the side-by-side video in different formats or upload it to YouTube and Vimeo directly.

Wondershare Filmora is an efficient video editing software that can help you create videos with split-screen and put 2 or more videos side by side. It is easy to use as well, which makes it even better. For more video editing features of Filmora, you can watch the introduction video below:

Download Filmora9 Win Version Download Filmora9 Mac Version

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