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EP 27: Screen Recording (Windows Only)

By - Sep 14, 2021 15:38 PM

Hi everyone, in this tutorial, we’ll learn how to do screen recording in Filmora Pro. We will learn how to use this feature and how all of its settings work.

Screen recording is used to turn what you see on your screen into a video that you can edit. It is commonly used to make video tutorials or gaming videos. This feature is available as of Filmora Pro 1.6. So, if you can’t find it, make sure that you have your Filmora Pro version up to date.

Start With Basics

So, to open the Screen recorder, we should go to the Media Panel and click on the New Recording, or we can use the shortcut control Ctrl+ Alt + R. The Filmora screen window will pop up where we can adjust our settings before we start recording.

new recording

For the first option, we can use it if you want to record the entire screen or just a custom section of it. If we choose the target window option, the selection will match the size of the next window that we click. The next option will let us change the selection by choosing the frame resolution. We can lock the aspect ratio by clicking on the chain icon.

select screen size

Select Audio For the Recording

On the speaker icon, we can choose if we want the computer system audio to be included in the recording or not. If we have more than one audio card, we can select it from the interface.

start recording

Next, we can choose if we want to record a voiceover from a microphone. And if we have more than one audio input, we can select which one we want to use here. The big red circle on the screen is the record button. We can click it to start recording. If we have more than one monitor connected, we can choose which one will be recording by clicking on the screen-like icon below the red button.

Advanced Settings

The Gear icon will show or hide the Advanced Settings. Here we can choose where the recording will be saved by default, the frame rate, and the video quality. Be aware that the higher we set the quality and frame rate, the larger the file will be. We can check the Stop Recording After box if we want to limit the length of the recording. And then select how long it will last before stopping automatically. If we want a ring to be shown around the cursor every time we click, select the color of the ring, and the click sound.

advanced settings

The hotkeys to start and end, and play & pause the recording is set by default as F9 and F10 respectively. And finally, we can choose if we want to have the image from our webcam or external camera in the recording. Once it’s activated, we can see our webcam video. We can move and scale it around. If we place it inside the recording section of the screen, it’ll become a part of our video.

webcam recording

Record & Enjoy:

If we press the Record button, we’ll see a countdown on the screen. Then the screen recording will start. To stop the recording, we can use the hotkeys or press the Stop button if we have the recorder visible. Still, we don’t recommend it as it will be visible in the recording itself. But if you want to make it visible, you can find it in the Windows Taskbar.


Once we stop recording, it will automatically be imported into our project and ready to be edited. So, that’s a look at how to do a screen recording in Filmora Pro. To learn more about editing with Filmora Pro, check out our other tutorials in the series.

Remember, there is no limit to what you can make!!