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How to Make Your YouTube Animated Subscribe Button Easily With Filmora

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Feb 19, 2024• Proven solutions

The main goal of every content creator is to increase its audience to expand its reach and views. To do so, it's essential to provide something unique and different to the viewer. Without providing them the content they are looking for, it is impossible to grow your channel and reach. Once your content is ready and you are getting many views, it is essential to make these potential viewers your permanent viewers. The animated subscribe button will help you achieve this goal. While your viewers are watching your videos, you must remind them about subscribing to your channel for receiving such incredible content in the future. Subscribe animation plays a vital role in converting your viewers into subscribers.

There are so many platforms on the internet from where you can get Youtube subscribe button animation free, and you can also purchase these subscribe png gifs. But creating your own animated subscribe button can make you stand out from the crowd and make your videos unique and exclusive. Because it enables you to design it the way you want according to your brand, so, let's create your own subscribe animation using Wondershare Filmora.

Step-By-Step guide

Step 1: To get started, open Filmora X. On your upper left corner, click on the "Sample Colors," select the Green color and drag it to Video Track into the timeline. We are using a Green background to easily remove it using the green screen feature in Filmora to use it in our future projects after exporting it, without creating it again. Adjust the duration of this track according to your requirement. In my case, I am trying to make an animated subscribe button of 5 seconds.subscribe-button1

Step 2: Lock this track by clicking on the lock icon to work on subscribe animation without disturbing the background easily.subscribe-button2

Step 3: Now it's time to design the subscribe png gif. Go to the Sample colors again and drag the red color into the time above the green background.subscribe-button3

Step 4: Double click on the red color in the timeline and adjust its size. Make it look like a subscribe button that is a rectangle and place it at the bottom center of the background. You can put it anywhere you want it to appear in your future videos.subscribe-button4

Step 5: Now, let's add Subscribe text into the button. Go to the Title and select any style that you like. "Basic 6" will work perfectly fine for this purpose. Drag and drop it into the timeline above all tracks.subscribe-button5

Step 6: Double click on the Title on the timeline and edit it with "Subscribe" and place it under the red rectangle and click OK.subscribe-button6

Step 7: We have put a cursor that can click on the animated subscribe button. You can use Google Search to find a transparent cursor. Make sure to save it in png format. Download it and import it into Filmora.subscribe-button7

Step 8: Drag and drop the cursor into the timeline and place it above all the other three tracks to make it prominent. Adjust the size of the cursor place it on the Subscribe button where you want it to appear.subscribe-button8

Step 9: Now, it's time to animate the design using keyframes. First of all, let's animate the red rectangle. Double click on the red color on the timeline. Go to the 'Animation' tab and then click 'Customize.' Move to the 1 second in the timeline and click 'Add.'subscribe-button9

Step 10: Now go back to the beginning in the timeline and adjust the scale to 0%. It will make the rectangle pop up when you play the clip.subscribe-button10

Step 11: Text needs to be animated as well to match it with the rectangle. Double click on the text in the timeline and click 'ADVANCED.'subscribe-button11

Step 12: In this Advance text editor, go to the 'Animation' tab and select any animation that you like. On the timeline under the preview screen, adjusts the dark areas according to the time you set on the rectangle, which was 1 second. We want the text to appear on the screen in 1 second, like the rectangle. Also, adjust the ending time when you want the text to disappear again. We have set it on 4 seconds. Which means it will start to fade after 4 seconds.subscribe-button12

Step 13: Now, to animate the mouse cursor, we will use the same process we used for a rectangle that is key framing. Double click on the cursor track on the timeline and move the time on your timeline to a point when you want the cursor to appear. Now add a key frame by clicking 'Add'.subscribe-button13

Step 14: Now jump back to a point in your timeline, when the cursor will start appearing from outside the screen. Move the cursor outside the screen from where you want it to start moving toward the subscribe animation.subscribe-button14

Step 15: To animate the click of the cursor, move ahead a little bit into your timeline and scale down the cursor to around 70%. Move it a little further and scale it up to 100%.subscribe-button15

Step 16: You can add the sound of mouse click to make it more realistic. You can find this sound anywhere on the internet. Download it and import it into Filmora. Now place it into the timeline where it can match the movement of the cursor.subscribe-button16

Step 17: Now it's time to make this subscribe animation button disappear. Move forward into the time to the end, at around 4 seconds. Double click on the red button in the timeline and add a key frame at its actual scale.subscribe-button17

Step 18: After that, move further in the timeline to the end and make its scale 0. It will make it disappear.subscribe-button18

Step 19: Do the same with the cursor. Double click on the cursor in the time and add a key frame at its actual position.subscribe-button19

Step 20: Move ahead when you want it to disappear. Move the cursor out of the screen and click 'OK'.subscribe-button20

Step 21: Your Subscribe png gif is ready to be exported and used in your videos. Click on export and choose from various formats and options to choose from while exporting it.subscribe-button21

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Conclusion:Your own Animated Subscribe Button is ready to be used in your future videos and projects. This is a ready-to-use subscribe button that can be easily used using the green screen effect in Filmora. Just import the clip, remove the green screen, and you are good to go. You can also customize this Subscribe Animation using your channel and more. Keep experimenting with new things using Filmora.

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