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Top 5 Solutions to OBS Studio Video Editing

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Mar 15, 22, updated Feb 29, 24

OBS Studio may be used as a starting point for more advanced streaming configurations that demand more resources. Scripts developed in Python or Linux may be used to enhance the integrations. Audio/video mixing at high performance, a modular user interface, pre-set broadcasting setups, and a bevy of additional pro-grade capabilities are all accessible with OBS Studios. Integration with APIs, plugins, and scripts, as well as extra customization and fine-tuning, are all accessible in OBS studio to match your requirements. In addition to downloading software, you will want editing software, and OBS Studio might be the appropriate go-to answer in this instance.

Part 1. How to Edit Video in OBS

OBS Studio can address some of the gaps that video conferencing systems don’t. Even better, OBS Studio makes it simple and economical to start streaming, a creative activity that many find rewarding as the days spent inside continue to restrict our connections with the world. What’s more, OBS Studio can assist connect any digital camera with a video output to your video conferencing platform of choice. The program operates on Windows, macOS, and Linux, making it one of the most adaptable applications of its type.

Advanced Editing: OBS Studio provides a variety of various advanced editing features. These include customizable transitions, adding text and photos to your video, and more.

Audio Editing: OBS’ video editor also offers audio mixing capabilities that enable you to tweak and play with filters, audio settings, and more.

Free: OBS Studio is a fully free video editor for anybody to use.

Webcam: Users may now integrate webcam footage to their OBS video editor screen recording to create unique and personalized films.

While OBS Studio is a program usually used by broadcasters, it can function as a video conferencing tool that will enable you to manage what’s on-screen. However, you’ll have to download the newest version of OBS Studio and a third-party plug-in to get things started. If you wish to share your screen while a tiny window shows off your camera, it’s feasible. And, if you don’t have a webcam, there’s a method to bring in your digital camera to OBS Studio to make it a video input. Streaming from OBS Studio merely adds a few extra steps to the technique above, and you should already have all the essential components. So, for editing reasons, here are the alternatives you have,

Part 2. Best OBS Alternative Video Editors

OBS is an open-source program that is free to use and was created with the support of tiny donations and sponsorships. The OBS Studio may be used for several activities other than live streaming, including generating video lessons, recording screen, and even broadcasting videos on the internet. OBS comes with a variety of widgets that you may use to add more material to your video broadcast. These widgets might help you convert your video into a professional piece of art. Some of these capabilities aren't even accessible from the most popular subscription providers!

1. Wondershare Filmora

Filmora has the means to make that endeavor acceptable. It's both sound and video modifying software that includes a lot of guidelines and instructional activities to help you with controlling the essentials and generating outstanding recordings. It's best suited for newer and intermediary users because it helps you with generating outstanding recordings in a matter of seconds and supports every one of the well-known designs. Since it's a freemium Instrument, the free form will enable you to evaluate every one of the parts although the ultimate movie will include a watermark.

This PC and Mac video editorial manager accompanies a natural point of connection that makes it easy to use for the two fledglings and further developed customers the same. Make and modify your digital recording on the application's schedule conveniently and adjust the sound by changing over, chopping, altering the examining rate, adding effects, and that's only the beginning. Wondershare Filmora is not difficult to use and maintains the greatest organizations for sound and video. On the downside, the application doesn't provide storyboard modification.

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For Win 7 or later (64-bit)

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For macOS 10.12 or later

Steps to Edit Video using Filmora

Step 1: Import Video

To begin with, run the program and then import your movies straight into the software.

import video

Step 2: Edit Video

Right-click the video and choose edit, Then, at that time, you may rotate the video by pressing the appropriate effects. What's more, as per your needs, you may pivot 90 degrees anticlockwise/clockwise, flip level, or vertical. Then, at that moment. You can also add a range of video effects and what’s best, you can incorporate others from the stock library as well so you can place it with the better adjustment well-accordingly.

edit video

Step 3: Save Video

Click "Export" in the Toolbar to export the video to the chosen format and also, you can share it on-spot.

save video

2. Blender

Movavi Video Editor Plus is a good solution if you require a video editing program for dynamic films, such as sports footage, music videos, and fast-paced movies in general. Movavi is also popular with critics as it supports a large variety of video formats. Movavi Video Editor Plus is a video and audio editing tool that focuses on podcast and screen recording editing. It allows users to use text to adjust both audio and video.

This application is perfect for short video creations. Its creators advocate a three-step procedure: Record your screen then add a couple of the effects and share. Movavi Video Editor Plus may be all you need if all you want to do is polish your videos. Its editing skills are limited, so if you want to build highlight reels or review vast volumes of video, you'll be better off with something else.

Steps to Edit Video Using Blender

Step 1. Install this program. Click on Import Media Files to import the OBS video from your PC.


Step 2. Drag and drag the video file to the timeline. Then you may divide, trim, add text, apply an effect, and silence audio as you find efficient.


Step 3. When you’re done, tap on Export to pick the desired export format.

tape on export

3. AVI Demux

You'll have all the tools you need and then some whether you're creating your own YouTube channel, editing home videos, or filming a short film. You may now edit and export video in social-friendly formats with the newest version, AVI Demux. There's also a new auto-reframing capability that lets you select a theme to focus on throughout your movie; a new slider-based video compression option; and the ability to watch animated GIFs within the UI. It combines professional and AI-powered tools that won't break the pocketbook but can transform your videos into pieces of beauty on par with those made by Hollywood. Transitions, chroma-keying, and opacity are among the video effects offered. Smart search, video stabilization options, and automated processes like motion tracking and smart toning may help you construct a speedy workflow.

AVI Demux is one of the top user video editing software packages available. You won't have to pay for advanced capabilities or have any video editing expertise to get started with its basic video editing tools, effects, and transitions. PowerDirector's free version will handle all of your day-to-day video editing needs, whether you're a newbie or a pro. There's also 360-degree video editing, as well as compatibility for any file standards and formats you can conceive of. Slideshows, screen recording, DVD menus, object creation tools, and more are all accessible. Shutterstock gives you unfettered access to a wide, royalty-free selection of content. The most current version, published in December, enables users to add text or graphics that follow the motion of any object and contains three AI-powered capabilities.

Steps to Edit Video Using AVI Demux

Step 1. After running AVI Demux, you need to click on Import Media Documents to import the OBS video from your PC.

avi demux

Step 2. Intuitive the video document to the schedule. Then, at that moment, you may separate, cut, add text, apply an impact and quiet sound as you wish.

intuitive the video

Step 3. At the point when you're done, touch on the Product Export button to choose the desired outcome design.

outcome design

4. Windows Movie Maker

In case you're a Windows customer, Windows Movie Maker can be the easiest instrument to aid you with pivoting or flip records. This element-rich though easy to use video modifying equipment may swivel the movie by 90, 180, or 270 degrees, just as flipping (reflecting) in an upward direction or equally. Simple to employ and lightweight, the software enables you to perform numerous things to build a nice slideshow. There are activities and unique visualizations tab you may apply to your enterprise. There are intrinsic defaults however you may likewise adjust them presuming you require them.

Windows Movie Maker is at this time not built and supplied with present-day iterations like Windows 10. Afterward have come various videos modifying options both easy and difficult Before We continue any further, I might want to explain a couple of things, as you may realize that there are a few allowed to utilize programs accessible on the web that is simply intended to alter, cut, crop and so forth recordings and just as there are a ton of video converters that come loaded with an implicit video proofreader. Fortunately, there are several free Windows Movie Maker solutions out there, worth trouble assuming you require good software.

Steps to Edit Video Using Windows Movie Maker

Step 1. Download the Windows Movie Maker and install it. Afterward, click on Import Media Documents to import the videos.

windows movie maker

Step 2. Intuitive the video document to the schedule. Then, at that moment, you may separate, cut, add text, apply an impact and quiet sound as you wish.

as you wish

Step 3. Finally, touch on the save project option to choose the required outcome design.

touch on the save project

5. FlexClip

FlexClip Video Editor is a free video editor for OBS that will enable you to record the material on your desktop with simplicity. After that, this also enables you to edit and enhance your movies using its basic video editing features. Then save it using several common formats such as MP4, DVD, AVI, MOV, VOB, WMV, MKV, WEBM, and more. Furthermore, it can process movies with any solution HD, Full HD, 2K Quad HD, 4K Ultra HD, and DCI 4K with a very high-speed editing process since it has an inbuilt video cache technology. Moreover, while it may give simply the fundamentals, we cannot dispute the fact that this video editor is still helpful, functional, and amazing with OBS Studio in editing videos.

Steps To Edit Video Using FlexClip

Step 1. Download the program and then click on Import Media Files to import the OBS video from your PC.

Step 2. Drag and drag the video file to the timeline. Then you may divide, trim, add text, apply an effect, and silence audio as you please.


Step 3. Lastly, tap on Export to pick the appropriate export format.

export format


Open Broadcaster Program, also known as OBS, is a free open-source software for video recording and live broadcasting compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux. It has multiple functions, including real-time video capture from different sources and devices, scene creation, coding, recording, and broadcasting. OBS does not give video editing tools that you may use in improving your movies. However, there is software that you can utilize. So, for that, we recommend going for any best alternative or we suggest Filmora as it has amazing features suitable for beginners and professionals.

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