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12 Offline Screen Recorders

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Aug 08, 23, updated Feb 29, 24

Recording the screen was a hectic challenge, and you had to use a complicated tool or pay a lot to software experts to get it done. Both of these options are not feasible always. User-friendliness of the offline screen recorder improved these years significantly. Nowadays, people are creating professional tutorials with minimum effort. Except for tutorials, you need to record the screen for various reasons.

There are various screen recording software for PCs, which serve as efficient utilities to record the desktop activities. These few software can record on-screen activities, video conferences, and gameplays, which can be used to make presentations and videos. This guide will help you find the best offline screen recorder to record your PC screens. So let’s dig into the various screen recorders.

What is a Best Screen Recorder for Offline Users?

The best offline screen recorder for windows 10 must have these below-given aspects to it:

1. Easy to Install and use

The best offline screen recorder must be straightforward, have an intuitive interface, and be user-friendly. It must have the essential option that makes screen recording very easy for beginners.

It would be best to avoid the software with various dashboard features. The Screen recorder that has a cluttered interface might make you feel confused.

2. High video quality

Best screen recorders record the desktop screen with good quality. You must avoid software that doesn’t maintain recording video quality. If you choose any free software, check out how many pixel options it provides you for recording. Choosing a free one doesn’t mean sacrificing video quality.

3. No time limit

Good screen recorders have no limit, but some free recorders have. You must choose the one which doesn’t possess high limitations of work. You must check on-screen recorders that give you a minimum time limit of 30 minutes to complete your work.

4. Support Multiple video formats

It is crucial to select the screen recording tool which allows for saving the video in various formats. It must enable the users to share the videos through multiple sites. This is why it's necessary to review whether the tool has export options before downloading it to the system.

5. Embed video editing tools

While selecting the best offline screen recorder, you must make sure that you must include basic video editing options. Most users use the tool to capture the screen for the explanation, which doesn't need editing tools.

It would be best if you tried to choose software with some editing options like highlighting, shapes, adding notations, and adding text.

Best Offline Screen Recorders

1. Filmora

Wondershare Fimora, a free offline screen recorder, offers significant effects, trimming, transition, and overlays that everyone expects from pro editing software. After the update, Wondershare has more conventionally added several advanced and modern features. This free offline screen recorder also offers you motion tracking. Also, it gets its job done well, and the user interface is very pleasing and straightforward. Wondershare Filmora offers a free version, and it also allows you to export footage within ten minutes and cut the Filmora logo on exported videos. This is one of the best options for an offline screen recorder.

filmora recording screen

Full editor view of wonder share Filmora has more editing applications than three layouts for source content, video preview, and timeline across the bottom. It has a dark interface, straightforward and clean with non-skeuomorphic controls. The users of Filmora can even switch to black and light grey borders. Programs even respect dark and light mode settings in the system. The users cannot pull out panels, but they have an option for video previews and adjust panel sizes.

Try It Free

For Win 7 or later (64-bit)

Try It Free

For macOS 10.12 or later


  • Easy to put to use

  • Editors include a variety of features.

  • Allows recording specific parts of the screen

  • Allows recording the video from a webcam.

  • This allows flexible recording.

  • Gives free update


  • Don’t offer features to upload directly.

  • Transitions and titles in the editing option are limited.

2. ActivePresenter

The active presenter screen recording program is a powerful tool that enables users to capture their screen's every movement. Recording PowerPoint presentations and all video tutorials of tips for using software and creating interactive HTML 5 content is the task for which ActivePresenter is made. The free offline screen recorder presents the reader with all the essential information regarding the recording software. This is the best screen recorder for MacBook.

active presenter

If you are a user of ActivePresenter, you can use this software for free. But if you are using the free version, it will come with limited options. Users can use the Full motion or Smart Capture feature to create educational content they love. Additionally, primary editing options such as cropping and speed up are also available for users who don't want to spend their money on the available plans.


  • Affordably priced.

  • The user interface might not get exquisite, but this is designed for its functionality.

  • It also offers high usability of the software.

  • This also can export videos in different file formats.

  • It offers various options for creating presentations.


  • This app lacks video effects.

  • It can cause lag.

3. Jing

Jing, which is now called TechSmith Capture, is a lightweight screen capturing program. This offline screen recorder for Windows 10 allows the users to record images and videos from the desktop. Videos and pictures might be pushed to the screencast, where users might share with colleagues, family, and friends. The photos and videos can be pushed to Facebook. This is one of the best free screen recorders without a time limit. Both professionals and beginners can use this.


Send the personal media to family and friends. Jing excels in easy usability and excellent interface. The menu system is straightforward and comfortable on the eye. Many of them consider it an app rather than a program because it is so light. The layout even reflects the idea, and this feels like it can fit well on the mobile screen. If you wish to excel in your presentation and video tutorials, you can go for this software.


  • The free tool can support a wide range of various file types and formats.

  • Cloud feature even allows sharing pictures and videos easily with the world.

  • This app is very easy to use, and it allows you to capture screenshots and videos in simple steps.

  • This is free for usage.

  • No watermark


  • It lacks editing features.

  • It can have issues using or lagging much of the computer's resources.

4. Bandicam

Bandicam is another great screen recording tool and it is free software that is recommended for both beginners and professionals. Also, this software is not like various tools available on the market as this even provides different recording modes like game recording, screen recording, and device recording. This offline screen recorder for Windows 10 is one of the best apps to work on. If you are professional, then you will love it.


Bandicam is a tool specifically designed to record tutorials, educational walkthroughs, gaming sessions, and online tutorials. This is also done with various features it’s equipped with. The software has a very comfortable user interface, which can be used by anyone. This can capture screen, video, and audio, which helps users create unique, high-quality videos.


  • This app allows users to record computer sound, webcam, region, microphone, and fullscreen.

  • This even records screens in ultra HD to 144FPS.

  • Users can take the screenshots, draw the annotations, and add text in recording time.

  • Adds logo to screen recording.

  • Add effects and various types of animations while recording.

  • Mix with voices.


  • Comes with no extra editing feature

  • The output format is very minimal such as AVI and MP4.

5. Camstudio

The next application on the list is Camstudio, known for its fast screen recording and easy-to-use interface. The application offers the users to record the screen in ".AVI" or ".SWF" format and share it to the local storage or cloud storage whichever is preferred. It has a feature for Webcam recording and users can combine the traditional screen recording with the webcam reactions without the need for any extra editing applications.


High-quality video recordings up to 1080p are also available for all users. And people who are acquainted with programming can customize this software too because of its free and open-source design. Along with all this, the application also has tools for instant video compression as well as editing tools for better output videos.


  • Application is completely free to use

  • Open-source availability for all users

  • Easy to use the design of the interface

  • No time limit for the screen recording

  • Fast export options


  • The output file is too large

  • Supports only SWF and AVI output format

6. Movavi Screen Recorder

The next one on the list is the Movavi screen recorder which is popular on the internet because of its quick and efficient recording option for the users. It can capture the screen with just one click and if you are looking for an application that can help you record online meetings, webinars, demo videos, or any streaming sessions, then Movavi is the best application for you.

movavi screen recorder

It helps the user produce output videos in formats such as MP4, AVI, MKV, MOV, GIF, and many more and the users are allowed to share it to their cloud drives or any application they want almost in no time. The program also supports different hardware accelerations thus making the screen recording process very smooth.


  • The screencast option is readily available

  • Scheduled recording mode in the interface

  • Fast conversion to any output format

  • Editing of screenshots available easily

  • Personalized shortcut creation availability


  • Premium versions cost too high

  • Some OS version doesn't support the software

7. OBS Studio

OBS studio is popular as a video editing application as well as it is efficient in screen recording and producing high-quality output videos. It can be used by beginners too because of its old-school intuitive design and simple interface for recording and editing videos. There are options for recording the video in different qualities.

obs screen recorder

Also, you can record different customizable parts of the screen too, meaning that it is perfect for content creators on Twitch and YouTube. The application is available for open source which means anyone with programming knowledge will be able to customize it as per their preferences.


  • Intuitive design with a simple interface

  • Instant export option to different platforms

  • High-quality video recording

  • A broad range of plugin support

  • Creative audio and video editing tools


  • No, undo option in the interface

  • System overload makes it lag

8. Apowersoft Screen Recorder

If you wish to record screen, the use of Apowersoft recorder for the same is a fantastic decision for you. It will offer different recorders, one is for the experts known as the Apowersoft online recorder, and the other is Screen Recorder Pro. If you are a beginner, you can enjoy yourself a lot while working. The user interface is very clean and easy to use, and you can navigate through the software quite easily.


Further, with the use of this tool, you are able to have a screencast experience that is commendable because of the overall output quality. Furthermore, this could save recordings in standard MP4 format. Besides, by using the inbuilt converter, you can change over and set aside the MP4 records in the .avi, .swf, .flc, and more without forfeiting the quality.


  • Offers dynamic choices of screen recording.

  • Offers complete editing of the picture.

  • Allows you to alter consistently.

  • It accompanies a straightforward-to-utilize interface.

  • It is a highly lightweight application.

  • Offers ongoing screen observing.


  • More features could be added

9. ShareX

If you are looking forward to investing in a solid and proficient screen recorder, ShareX can be a great pick among many great recording tools. This tool can help you to take pictures and screen captures in no time successfully. Assuming most people require speed, they can likewise utilize the dashboard to deal with the recording.

sharex screen recorder

The tool will likewise assist you with recording the chosen windows and full screen and you get the choice to choose the area of recording. This is also the best offline screen recorder that allows you to keep a two-screen arrangement as well. It likewise permits you to take screen captures at standard stretches. If you have a period pass, you can likewise utilize the exceptional element.


  • It has a video record-sharing component.

  • Simple to move on YouTube

  • No watermark, as far as possible

  • Can save archive as a "GIF" as opposed to video

  • Uncovers text by OCR


  • No stop for a break

  • Can't trim easily

10. Ice-cream Screen Recorder

The ice-cream screen recorder is a multipurpose tool that takes screenshots and might record the videos on the computer screen. Screenshots can be fully customizable that include the option of capturing the entire screen or part. You might draw on a selected area and use several editing tools to make the markings and notes real-time, making it even more ideal for video tutorials. This can be the best application for beginners and professionals. If you want to learn video editing and screen recording, the Ice-cream screen recorder is one of the best apps.

icecream screen recorder

The IceCream Recorder is compatible with various tools and programs for video recordings. You can even make video conferences, games, multiple processes and applications, and recordings are saved to the history. You can even use the keyboard shortcuts for control and including when to pause or start recording. This is one of the most incredible Screen recorders, and windows ten is free to download.


  • Can conceal the cursor and symbols.

  • Adds logo to screen.

  • Can zoom and draw.

  • Records the whole screen and webcam.

  • Trim the end and beginning

  • Schedule recording.


  • It cannot record the webcam alone

  • The editing cycle can get recorded and made amateurish.

11. Windows 10 Game Bar

The Windows 10 game bar is another application that is preinstalled in the Windows 10 OS and serves as a default screen recorder for Windows 10 users. It is often packaged with Game DVR and helps to get the job done in no time. This application is primarily designed to work for recording the gaming sessions and is available with instant sharing as well as export options right on the home screen.

windows game bar

The native gameplay features in Windows 10 are readily available to the users with the push of the Windows key+Alt+G buttons on the keyboard. There is also the option for configuring the video output with the desired framerate, and resolution to publish a high-quality screen recorded video.


  • Built-in for the Windows 10 OS

  • Intuitive and easy to use design

  • Free to use for all users

  • High-quality output video support

  • Exporting to different platforms is possible


  • Problems in-game bar interface showing off

  • Performance is inconsistent

12. WonderShare DemoCreator

WonderShare is one of the most successful screen recording applications that is used today. It is popular amongst users for its compatibility with different operating systems and its simple user interface. Whether it is a work of content creation for YouTube or any social media platform or just for saving a video to the device storage, WonderShare DemoCreator is the perfect screen recorder for every user.

democreator offline recorder

This screen recorder provides the highest quality video recording thus enabling gamers to save their gaming sessions in real-time. There are also features for real-time drawing on the screen thus making the output video more intuitive. Along with all these, the user will also be able to edit the video as well as audio to ultimately get their desirable video.


  • The recording is possible in different quality settings

  • High-resolution configuration available

  • Drawing on the screen in real-time

  • Supports webcam video record

  • Instant export and sharing


  • Requires paid membership for unlocking more functions

  • The mic stays on even after the recording is off.


Here are all the free and best offline screen recorders that can be a highly effective method of capturing entertainment and work-related activities on the PC. Whether you spend your money on the products, most free software gives you enormous features to work on. If you need any extra and pro features, you can spend money on their upgrades and get access.

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