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Screen Recorders for Low-End PC

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published May 24, 22, updated May 20, 24

Screen recording, now a days is in high demand because of monetized work on social media, from which people around, are making a good lot of money. For screen recording, a number of different things are rudimentary: skills to show, video editing, quality content, concise and clear message. Now, the skill is something that we cannot teach you but for the remaining aspects the screen recorder applications are used, which, not only record the screen but most of them offer video editing and other operations on the files.

With all these screen recorders, a specific hardware is required in the computer to support the application and run it smoothly. Screen recorders, with normally a wide range of operations and editing functions, are quite heavy for the computers to run. This problem normally is encountered by people with low end pc. But, since the online community and work has grown exponentially over the recent years, screen recorders for low end pc are also available in the software market, which make things easier for people with limited budgets. These applications, although, are good for low-end PCs; they still have a wide range of operations for video editing and online streaming.

low end screen recorder

There is a quite a wide range of screen recorders available on internet, which run both on high-end and low-end PCs, doing a satisfying job for their users. From these recorders, a few, very formidable and efficient ones are enlisted below:

Wondershare Filmora

Wondershare's Filmora is a well-known and comprehensive video editor. Professional video editors oversaw the development of the software. The key feature I wanted to highlight was its unlimited screen recording, which, as previously noted, can be useful for gamers and our amazing teachers. It offers a very user-friendly interface and simple commands. The nicest part about this software is that it is completely free and works on both Windows and Mac computers. This application can help you interact with your audience more effectively because it offers a wide range of options, from simple editing and cutting to screen detection, auto crop, and fisheye correction.

filmora screen recorder

The software, which was introduced in 2020, was designed to suit users' screen recording needs. It's a fantastic screen recorder for the low-end computers that can help you bring your ideas to life. This helpful software can handle all of your video sharing, recording and editing needs. DemoCreator is a simple tool that requires no particular expertise to use. It also comes with a number of features that might make your job easier. You can get this software for free and take use of its outstanding features.

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For Win 7 or later (64-bit)

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For macOS 10.12 or later

Key Features:

The best features about Filmora11 are that:

  • Screen recording: for educational reasons, YouTube, and blogging.

  • It allows you to record your webcam and screen at the same time for evaluation purposes.

  • Sound recording: Both system and microphone audio can be captured and distinguished.

  • Frame rates can be changed to get a desired result. Can scan clips and perform automatic cuts using screen detection.

  • Auto Crop/Resize: Automatic image compression to fit a certain project better.

  • Filmora for low end PCs: It is the best screen capturing software for low-end PCs to aid people with their demands.

  • Filmora offers a great deal of flexibility in the video recording options. It can record demos, games, presentations and video tutorials. It also has a variety of options for split screen recording.

  • It can export and import files from the PC, external hard drive, USBs and cloud. And it supports files with different extensions.

D3D Gear

D3DGear is a quick game recording tool that allows you to capture gameplay without experiencing any lag. Unlike other recording applications, it has a small performance impact that prevents game latency and large frame rate drops. Its simple functionality is intended to assist individuals in demonstrating their abilities. Slower uploading speeds are possible with D3DGear. This fantastic recording software works with YouTube,, and a variety of other game streaming sites. D3DGear may appear to be a simple recording tool, yet it is a vital tool for screen recording. This recording software does not require any specific setup.

d3d gear

Key Features:

  • D3DGear produces high-quality video recordings that are compact in size. Mic, push-to-talk, and face camera recording are all supported by the recording feature.

  • D3DGear enables you to stream live games on popular live-streaming services without affecting your gameplay performance. Audio-track splitting is one of D3DGear's top features, according to users.

  • This tool can be used to split audio into two tracks, resulting in an additional audio track in your video. Aside from the mic and game, you may also set recording levels.

  • D3DGear has a simple user interface that makes capturing games a breeze. This software does not require any sophisticated abilities to use. This software can be readily run with minimal input to match your requirements.

Nvidia ShadowPlay

It has a lot of capabilities, including the ability to record, live stream, broadcast, and share your gameplay moments with anyone. It can automatically record gaming in the background or when you tell it to. NVIDIA ShadowPlay's GPU encoding is more efficient than previous game recording methods. With this fantastic software, you can capture incredible gameplay moments while minimizing the impact on your game performance.

nvidia shadowplay

Key Features

  • Similar to a camera, it can stream to Twitch, YouTube-live, and Facebook Live. Even if your computer isn't very powerful, you can still utilize this software to satisfy your needs. You can use the hotkey to record the last few minutes of your game.

  • You, may save a lot of time by streaming NVIDIA ShadowPlay. It allows you to directly broadcast your recording on Facebook, Twitch, and YouTube.

  • ShadowPlay includes complex features that allow you to create gifs without leaving the game. You may customize their appearance and position to create professional-looking photos.

  • You can produce 360-degree in-game capture using the Ansel function.

  • This tool allows you to automatically record gameplay moments and save them to your hard disc.


This game recorder is suitable for even inexperienced recorders. It includes a simple user interface that will assist you in producing the best video possible for your audience. Its HDMI recording mode is its most powerful function, allowing you to record game consoles such as the Xbox One, Switch, and PS4, among others.

bandicam screen recorder

Key Features:

  • You can record multiple video streams at the same time and export each one separately.

  • Direct game capture.

  • HDMI recording mode is unique.

  • Ability can provide gamers with up to 480 frames per second.

Flashback Express

Flashback Express is a fantastic video editor in addition to being one of the best screen recorders for low-end devices. The interface, on the other hand, is not easy to use and may provide difficulties to newcomers. However, the editing features are excellent for creating a fantastic game video.

flashback express

Key Features:

  • Annotative tools are available for maximum game recording.

  • It allows you to export your recordings in AVI, WMV, and more formats.

  • The editing tools are extensive, allowing you to alter every frame of your gaming clips with ease.

  • It also handles audio inputs from your computer, such as system and microphone audio, with ease.

  • Passwords input on the screen can be automatically obscured.

  • For Intel CPUs and Nvidia cards, Flashback records HD in-game footage with hardware acceleration.


Dxtory is a leading game recording tool and one of the best screen recorders for low-end PCs without watermark. It records your and other players' gameplay, including audio. It's an excellent video recording tool that doesn't require a lot of processing. Dxtory has a simple user interface, yet there is a learning curve to take advantage of its features. Furthermore, there are numerous videos and tutorials available on the internet to assist you with the procedure. Although it has many appealing features, one of the most important is the built-in hard drive. For DirectX and OpenGL applications, Dxtory is a must-have capturing tool. Although it is now only available the Windows, Dxtory Mac is expected to be released soon.

dxtory screen recorder

Key Features:

  • For DirectX and OpenGL applications, Dxtory is an outstanding movie capture tool. The data is acquired immediately through a surface memory buffer, making it an excellent low-cost PC tool. It is built with a high-speed functionality that can handle a light load.

  • Dxtory has a codec that allows you to record original pixel data in its original state.

  • Dxtory is capable of recording high-quality videos without sacrificing quality. It aids in the creation of high-resolution clips with higher file sizes.

  • Dxtory offers six audio codec options for audio output, which you can select based on your needs.

  • Codecs come in a variety of formats to improve the sound quality of your video. When it comes to video output, recordings are saved in the AVI format by default.

  • This tool is popular among users since it can record at 120 frames per second and is small.

FBX Recorder

FBX Game Recorder is designed to take HD recordings with ease and includes sophisticated editing features to enhance the appeal of your game movies. You may go over gameplay footage, pick the best sections, and save them as GIFs, short clips, or films. It also makes it simple to share these recordings and clips on social networking networks. You can learn about the excellent features offered in the free edition.

fbx game recorder

This free software is the greatest low-end PC game screen recorder since it allows you to record HD gameplay recordings without lagging. You may use a camera to record game footage at 120 frames per second. The FBX Game Recorder utility has made it simple to capture action screenshots.

Key Features:

  • You may record screen activity, including sound effects, and publish the recordings on YouTube and other social media sites using this wonderful software. You can tweak captions, add sequences with slow-motion effects, and se freeze-frame to pause moments.

  • With FBX Game Recorder, you can easily save short clips of action scenes. It has a hotkey that allows you to save this brief video while the game is running.

  • It has incredible features, such as the ability to record continuously using its FBX recording DVR-style. This feature allows you to obtain all parts without missing any.

  • It has incredible features, such as the ability to record continuously using its FBX recording DVR-style. This feature allows you to obtain all parts without missing any.

  • One of the best aspects of FBX Game Recorder is that you may utilize it from the provided tools or upload photos and GIFs from your system. Adding stickers and gifs to your videos will make them more appealing.

Screen recorders are in great demand and their supply is ample enough, but to choose the best recorder is dependent on the user: for whichever purposes the particular screen recorder is to be installed. However, by our observation Filmora has the edge over other screen recorders, especially with low-end PCs.

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