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Top 7 Best Voice Changer Recorder Apps

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Feb 15, 22, updated Mar 15, 24

You must have observed how comedians change their voices completely to make audiences burst out in laughter. Have you wondered how you would sound like when you change your voice to a funny or robotic tone? You can share your recording with your friends on social media and instant messaging groups to make everyone laugh out loud. You will need a voice changer app to change your voice completely as desirable.

In fact, the voice changing feature has become a trend, and even Snapchat has included a voice changing filter. We have lined up the best voice changer and recorder apps you can try if you want to change your voice easily. You can record your voice through these apps and change the recorded voice. Otherwise, you can use voice recorder Google and use these voice changer apps to apply any desired effect.

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1. Voice Changer with Effects

This is the best voice changer recorder app on the list as you get over 40 effects to apply on your recording. It allows sharing on different instant messaging and social media apps instantly. There is an option to convert text to voice. Besides, you can create with sound and share instantly. Moreover, you can create ringtones as well as alerts and alarms. You can upload any pre-recorded audio and change voice easily.

voice changer with effects

2. Celebrity Voice Changer Lite

If you want to sound more like your favorite celebrity, here is the amazing app you are waiting for. The app contains icons of popular celebrities across the globe and all you need to do is record your voice and transform them to a celebrity voice instantly. The app automatically detects silence and eliminates them for perfect recording. You can apply and play to change them out. Besides, you can download and even share instantly. You can even send request to get the voice filter of your favorite celebrity for the team to work on.

celebrity voice changer

3. Voice Changer

This is a voice recorder and changer app. This means you can record as well as change the recording voice. Besides, you can apply the effects on pre-recorded audio files as well. There is a wide range of effects to choose from as per your preference. The app offers instant share option for sharing on social media platforms. The app is completely free to use and the user interface is very basic for everyone’s comfort.

voice changer

4. Voice FX

VoiceFX is a versatile voice transformer app to change voice and sound with amazing sound effects. You can record, apply effect, and playback instantly. The best part is that the app allows you to stream your voice live. It provides you the option to save the recording in MP3 format. Not just voice, you can apply voice changer effects by loading music. It comes with the voices of multiple characters to make it sound funny.


5. Super Voice Editor

It is one of the most popular apps with high ratings in the voice changer category. Super voice changer allows you to record voice and change voice through its preset filters. You can upload any file and cut parts easily. You can make various edits on the recordings as well as make ringtones out of them.

There is an audio tuner available where you can apply effects like music hall, bathroom, studio, karaoke and much more. The variety of sound effects will blow your mind completely. You can send across your changed voice on social media and instant messaging apps instantly.

super voice editor


6. Voice Changer Plus (iOS)

This is a voice changer recorder app for iOS users. You can record and change your voice instantly. There are over 55 voice effects available to apply on your recording. It allows trimming audio files to keep the necessary parts only. Along with voice effects, there is a ton of background music to choose from. You can save and share the recordings directly. The app also has a premium version where you can choose photo to share with your recording as well as get rid of annoying ads.

voice changer plus

7. Video Voice Changer (iOS)

This is a fun app for iOS users whereby you can record voice along with your video. Thereafter, you can change your voice and it is extremely useful and impactful if you want to share across social media as well as video streaming platforms. There are over 30 sound effects available and you can change the background sounds as well. You can dub your voice in a different tone with your video or photo. There is a direct sharing option through emails and social media platforms.

video voice changer

Bonus – How To Change Voice On Your Computer?

If you want to change the voice of your recording on your computer for free, we recommend Audacity desktop software. You can change voice Audacity with a few steps only. Make sure you have the recording ready for transformation. Here are the steps to change voice with Audacity.

Step 1: Download and install Audacity on your computer.

Step 2: Open Audacity and open the recording that you want to change.

Step 3: Click and drag the portion that you want to change. Otherwise, you can select the entire recording.

Step 4: Go to Effects menu option and go to Built-in and choose change pitch or change tempo as per requirements.


Step 5: Adjust the slider to get the desired result and click on OK. You can experiment with other available effects as well.

Playback the recording after the changes and save the recording.

Conclusion –

We have picked the best voice changing apps for Android as well as iOS users. Some of these apps allow you to record your voice and change it instantly. Otherwise, you can go for voice recording Google and upload the recording on the apps to apply sound effects. Different apps have different sets of sound effects to choose from and apply to your recording to make it funny and share with friends and followers.

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