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The Best Stream Recorder Software

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Dec 28, 21, updated Jun 12, 24

A stream recorder is a program that can be utilized to record and save media that is seen through streaming, which can be utilized for one or the other sound or video information. Various projects can be utilized for recording streaming information, to recording YouTube Livestream and the program picked will regularly rely upon the sort of media an individual wishes to catch or record. Some streaming information can likewise be recorded utilizing different strategies that don't need a stream recorder. Such strategies incorporate utilizing a sound card to record web-based sound and saving real-time video

A stream recorder will normally be intended to catch particular sorts of streaming media, and these various kinds are generally shown by the product originators. To record your live stream and repurpose it to utilize later, there are more than a couple of ways of doing it. Notwithstanding the recording strategy you pick, the interaction is really simple, as it requires no exceptional information. We should figure out how to record or catch a live stream. a stream recorder is ordinarily used to record or save media that is accessible through spilling over an organization like the Internet. Streaming media is a sort of media that is perceptible quickly, instead of through downloading and playback.

Part 1. Why Use a Stream Recorder?

Regardless of whether you need to propose on-request admittance to the occasion later, it has occurred or you need a duplicate of the stream for your chronicle, recording your live stream is smart. Live gushing at the expert level requires a ton of difficult work and assets. At the point when you're contributing a lot of time, cash, and exertion into your live streams, you will need to save a recording of your live stream for some time later. These kinds of media incorporate sound accessible through Internet radio broadcasts and sound players, too as the video that can be transferred from a site or a webcam broadcast.

With a great many live streams occurring across the web constantly, it is difficult to watch all that intrigues us continuously. Fortunately, recording lives transferred video is simple for the two decorations and watchers. Consistently when we open online media at work, we are besieged with live video from Facebook, live real-time online classes, and real-time on YouTube. You can undoubtedly catch or record live real-time video and offer it with your companions or colleagues, or save it for later survey. It's simple, it's quick, and it will carry the request to a turbulent media scene.

Part 2. Best Stream Recorders to Use

1. Filmora Screen Recorder

Filmora screen recorder is one premium Software that could take care of all your streaming issues. You can attempt the free preliminary to get a solid screen recorder, yet a decent video proofreader. Its amicable UI makes it somewhat easy to utilize regardless of whether you are a novice. For recording live real-time recordings, the Filmora screen recorder gives an elite presentation slack free HD catch with no issue. Also, it's sending out choices incorporates WMV, AVI, and MP4 that can address the majority of your issues.

Filmora screen recorder is additionally ideally suited for making instructional exercise videos. The various track highlight permits you to import various media document after recording and consequently combine distinctive video recordings to another record. It likewise gives choices to add enhanced visualizations, advances, voice portrayals or comments to improve the resultant video. Essentially, the Filmora screen recorder obliges each novice's necessities and saves a lot of time as it doesn't need to track down a different proofreader software Additionally if you have a distinctive sound source, the Filmora screen recorder can likewise record from your chosen source.


  • Support to import various file formats.

  • Record computer audio, microphone audio, or both simultaneously.

  • You can share the recorded video on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Vimeo.

  • You can also record the gameplay on the live stream.

  • Do the screen recording with high quality.

  • You can adjust the size and shape of the cursor.

  • Export the recorded video to multiple formats.

  • A simple user interface, even for new streamers.

Try It Free

For Win 7 or later (64-bit)

Try It Free

For macOS 10.12 or later

Steps to Record Live Streaming:

Step 1: Install and Launch Filmora Recorder

Visit the official website of Filmora and then download this software for your compatible system due to its simplistic all-in-one approach to video editing and recording solutions. Well, if you haven’t, then this is the time and links as mentioned below to download it hassle-free. Right after the downloading and installation/updating process finishes, you can launch it directly from your desktop.

wondershare screen recorder settings

Step 2: Record the Livestreaming

In the next step, you can do the settings on your own without having any prior expertise in this regard. To do that, simply hit the New Recording button, and inside the recording interface, enable Webcam and microphone settings right on your fingertips.

filmora recording screen

Step 3: Export/Save the Masterpiece

Lastly, when you are finished with creating the informational Livestreaming video recording and editing it, you can now save it to share on social media. Filmora allows embedded sharing platforms like YouTube on the go. The file can be saved into the format as; MP4, WMV, AVI, MOV, GIF, MP3.

edit recordings filmora

2. OBS Studio

OBS Studio is a free and open-source screen recorder for video recording and lives web-based. It allows you to record a wide range of recordings from different streaming locales absent a lot of exertion. Its Streamlined Settings board gives you admittance to a wide exhibit of setup choices to change each part of your transmission or recording. In particular, it is free and can run well Windows, Mac, and Linux. This YouTube real-time application permits you to make top-quality recordings utilizing numerous sources, including window, catches, pictures, text, program windows, webcams, catch cards, and so on

obs recorder

OBS is an open-source real-time video catching software that is utilized basically by gamers who need to communicate their interactivity on Twitch or YouTube Live. Nonetheless, it's feasible to utilize it for recording cuts from different sources. Because of its Streamlined Settings board, you can change different telecom and recording boundaries. You can modify a limitless number of scenes and add changes between them. There is additionally an instinctive sound blender with different channels that can be utilized for voice decrease and enhancement.


  • It upholds web-based to Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, and so on

  • Coordinates with Twitch, YouTube and Facebook

  • No watermarks and time limit

  • A natural sound blender

  • A limitless number of scenes

  • It also upholds full screen, windows, area, webcam, mouthpiece, and so forth, recording

  • No watermark or time limit

3. VLC Screen Recorder

VLC offers a free, open-source stage that is charged as being straightforward, quick, and incredible. This stage runs on all stages, from Windows and Linux to Mac OS X and Android: to put it plainly, an assortment of choices. It's free: it contains no spyware, no advertisements, and no client following. It additionally plays documents, circles, webcams, gadgets, and streams and makes it simple to download and utilize the stage.

vlc screen capture

To get viable web-based video content utilizing an online downloader, attempt this program. The VLC media player has an exceptionally essential interface and doesn't have the visual allure of fresher plan applications. Notwithstanding, it is a free elective you may utilize If you as of now have the program downloaded. You can find a lot of instructional exercises online that will assist you with arranging your screen recording capacity.


  • Function admirably on Window, Mac, and Linux

  • Stream media over the organization or web

  • Basic screen recorder with no altering instruments.

  • The free device you can download from the authority site.

  • Framerate change.

  • Saving area set up choice.

  • No additional product is required

4. Recexperts

On the off chance that you want a lightweight live stream screen recorder, Recexperts is your other option. It is an instrument made to work with remote work insight and correspondence. You can get this live stream screen recorder by free download from their authority site. Recexperts live stream recorder can incorporate your screen, receiver, sound, and webcam recording simultaneously assuming that you require it.


You can likewise get ready comments for screen captures with Recexperts with just a tick. When your recording is prepared, you can share it immediately with your companions or associates through mail or a media share. You can begin utilizing it immediately because of its easy to understand instruments. You can enact it just on a part of your screen and delimitate a custom window of recording.


  • Simple to use with no expectation to absorb information.

  • No watermarks issue.

  • Limitless stream recording length.

  • Records PC sound.

  • Free and private distributed storage choice.

  • Screen captures with portrayal apparatuses.

5. AceThinker

AceThinker is an online PC screen recorder that is not difficult to set up and use. To record a continuous live stream in the early evening, yet you don't have the web at work, you can introduce this screen catch instrument on your home PC, make a timetable and let it record the screen naturally. you can likewise utilize AceThinker to straightforwardly transfer your accounts to Dropbox, Google Drive, or YouTube.

acethinker screen recorder

You can utilize it to record a particular screen segment or the entire screen, make constant alters for a consideration commendable recording, and catch sound from your mic and PC simultaneously. The application gives you to convert and save your accounts access to all prestigious video designs, including MP4, MOV and API. These highlights are accessible in the free form of the application, yet you can likewise introduce the PRO form to get to extra abilities.


  • Basic choices and functionalities.

  • It is upheld by web-based stages like YouTube Live, Facebook Live, Twitch and others.

  • Adaptable and incredible modules and augmentations.

  • Scene presets and impacts for the transmissions.

  • It supports audio editing and other sound channels are accessible.

  • Custom advances for your recording.

  • Foundation video settings.

6. ShareX

ShareX is a free web-based video recorder that allows you to catch or record any space on your screen. Also, screen catches and accounts can be transferred to a scope of cloud administrations, including picture facilitating and general web-based capacity, and surprisingly online media. In addition, while recording with this free screen catch software, you can alter the recording. With it, you can record a video with or without a cursor and convert it to GIF.

sharex recorder

This web-based video catching application allows you to catch any space on the screen. Transfer your outcomes straightforwardly to a facilitating administration, online capacity or interpersonal organizations. As a matter of course, everything is transferred to the cloud server. Once your transfer is finished, a URL will be replicated to your clipboard for you to impart it to your partners. It additionally permits you to make daily agendas for transferring and sharing recordings.


  • Offer screen catch and recording

  • Many sharing choices

  • A few consoles alternate ways

  • Permits making GIF

  • Fundamental altering instruments

  • Heaps of sharing choices

  • Looking over the page catch

7. Snagit

This apparatus was initially intended for individuals who were expected to record their screens while making visual how-to guides. Notwithstanding, Snagit likewise functions admirably as a screen grabber instrument that allows you to record your whole work area, a chosen segment, or a looking over the window from an application or page.


You can join screen accounts, described screen captures and GIFs to clarify anything without any problem. These functionalities are great for business tasks and deals exchanges. It incorporates different functionalities like coordinated effort apparatuses and tasks the executive's devices. It tends to be an important apparatus for group projects the executives.


  • Basic and speedy to use without warning.

  • Text and explanations add for extra setting.

  • Sharing connection is accessible once the recording is finished.

  • Screen captures of custom spaces of the screen.

  • GIF recording for fast clarifications.

  • Cloud save and sharing choice.

8. Xsplit

XSplit Broadcaster includes an amazing UI that permits you to modify all parts of your recording. Add Skype calls with a tick of a button or utilize the screen catch component to catch your Zoom, Discord, or Teams calls. Drag, drop and resize pictures, recordings, GIFs and pages. This product has some extra accommodating elements for occasions. Add various activities and broadcast impacts to your scenes just as custom changes. You can likewise lessen undesirable foundation clamour in the application and task any scene to another screen or show.


Stream to any of the most well-known transmission stages utilizing the local modules or a custom RTMP. You can stream and record numerous results all the while, including various soundtracks that you can change independently for every scene. Utilize the implicit talk modules to keep the discussion going during the transmission. Make a media slideshow by circling various pictures or recordings to make your away screen. This is additionally an extraordinary element to utilize when you need to show your appreciation for or thank your occasion backers and allies.


  • Easy to understand interface.

  • It upholds the AVI design for the recordings.

  • Video explanation highlight.

  • Custom cursor adjustment.

  • The free device you can download from the authority site.

  • Codec changes the last video.

  • Mouthpiece sound recording.

  • Basic video impacts highlight.

9. Screencastify

Screencastify is another screen recording application that works utilizing Google Chrome. It likewise gives you comment instruments that assist with keeping your watchers centre around what's basic. Click featuring, drawing pen apparatus, and mouse spotlight are all included. Whether you're a prepared or a fledgling video maker, you'll observe that Screencastify offers significant choices as a whole. In addition, this device is viewed as a 1080P screen recorder, and it can implant your webcam into the recording. In addition, you can trade the video to MP4, MKV, GIF, MP3, and the sky is the limit from there.


You can utilize it to catch your webcam, whole screen or tab just, just as described to your receiver. In the same way, like other of the best screen recording software choices, Screencastify gives you the choice to transfer to YouTube, just as a product the recording as an energized GIF, MP3, or MP4. What's more, whenever you're recorded on the screen, Screencastify will do the hard work for you via autosaving the video to your Google Drive. Most clients explored this screen recording augmentation as the most available apparatus to record live transfer recordings. As you transfer a video, it will distinguish it and make it downloadable for you.


  • Record everything from the Internet-sounds and recordings;

  • Similarity with many records’ organization and quick transformation speed;

  • Convert media records to more than 80 organizations;

  • Sort out and deal with your media assortment without any problem.

  • Support an assortment of sound record organizations like WAV, OGG, MP3, FLAC, and so forth

  • Inserted player included.

10. Movavi Screen Recorder

This product helps record web-based video and music from sites, save Skype calls, and so forth You can change the boundaries, pick the resulting design, record your clasp and alter it utilizing fundamental devices. It's feasible to plan a recording and save brings about HD or 4K.

movavi screen recorder

Clients can likewise record just sound or video from a webcam. There are possibilities for recording separate streams also. You can show your console to watchers and set up the mouse show.


  • Simple setup of recording boundaries

  • Upholds 4K resolution

  • Quick transfer to YouTube or Google Drive

  • It also supports scheduling options


Albeit numerous stages permit you to save your live streams later the meeting is finished, you can generally possibly download these records assuming you're the proprietor of the channel or stream. Fortunately, more helpful choices exist. With the rising prevalence of live web-based features, most clients' requirement for a dependable stream recorder has justifiably developed. Presently you've taken in the advantages and disadvantages among the main 10 streaming sound recorders.

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