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iShowU Audio Capture Review

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Feb 15, 22, updated May 20, 24

iShowU Audio Capture is the extension of Mac OS X utilized by iShowU Instant and iShowU Studio for recording audio from the computer. The new Audio Driver offers several latest improvements and features to turn audio recording simple and more stable. iShowU Audio Capture has been designed with iShowU Instant and iShowU Studio. However, one may utilize it for several purposes, and you may even get assistance regarding iShowU products and their usage.

This software offers you systematic and easy-to-use management. iShowU Audio Capture even permits you to concentrate on the most crucial things, and you'll love this software because it is user-friendly. Furthermore, one may use iShowU Audio Capture on iOS, Android, and Windows devices. Here, you'll get to know everything regarding its features, downloading installation, and Audio recording process in detail.

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1. Key Features of iShowU Audio Capture

Following are some prominent features of iShowU Audio Capture:

Very stable: After you quit this application, or in case the app collapses, the default audio button shall move back into what it was previously. This indicates there’ll be no weird problems like the disappearance of audio. Also, iShowU Audio Capture Catalinahas a specific setting for controlling and may do this from a Single Window Interface; hence you won't get lost.

Standard volume support: The volume button won’t function seamlessly in the way you expect if you to record audio from the computer. iShowU Audio Capture machas built-in pre-sets for assisting you to get on the way and is extremely useful as you may create one for yourself with some quick taps.

Workspace Support: After switching into another workspace or user, the Audio output system shall automatically move back to the way it was, thereby going back to record audio after hitting back.

More Intelligent: You may switch or switch back this audio output tool only when it’s necessary. It isn't required to sit back and see the recordings, thereby waiting for that ideal point for stopping it. Instead, you may configure the timer for recording and freely go out to finish off your dinner!

Free Trial: iShowU Audio Capture is available free or as Freemium that indicates one may reality the intelligent software- iShowU Audio Capture.

2. How to download and install iShowU?

In case you haven’t yet downloaded the iShowU Audio Capture, the following are the steps you need to follow:


  • Open your web browser, then visit the site

  • You’ll find a Download button on the screen below the banner. Next, tap on it.

  • The iShowU Audio Capture download is now complete.


  • After you’re done with the downloading procedure, you’ve to look for the app Installer. You’ll find it in the ‘Downloads’ folder.

  • Now open the .dmg file installer.

  • Double click on the package of iShowU Audio Capture to run it that's followed by the prompts. You'll now have to provide a password for completing this installation.

  • You might be prompted for the driver installation confirmation, which isn't unusual and is usual. However, keep following the steps further.

  • ‘System Extension Blocked’ dialog box will appear, and you’ve to click on 'OK .' This is fine, and soon you'll notice;

  • Now proceed to the ‘System Preferences,' thereby tap on ‘Security & Privacy':

  • Next, you’ll have to confirm the subsequent installation, which is crucial; otherwise, the driver won't be installed.

  • Finally, to confirm whether the setup is functioning well, you'll have to tap on 'System Preferences,' thereby selecting ‘Sound,' following ‘Output.’ Here, you’ll find a new tool known as iShowU Audio

3. How to capture audio with iShowU Audio Capture?

For all those Mac users, iShowU Audio Capture OBS is the perfect tool for recording audio from your computer. This is an open-source and free tool with multiple advanced features. Moreover, with the aid of its extension ‘iShowU Audio Capture,' an individual can efficiently deal with Mac’s internal voice.


Following are the detailed steps that you may go through for capturing Mac audio:

  • You’ll have to begin by opening ‘Audio MIDI Setup.’ Next, you’ll find a '+' symbol towards your window's left end. Next, select 'Create Multi-Output Device.’

  • Now check those boxes for iShowU Audio Capture and Built-in Output in the column ‘Use.’ Then, you’ve to proceed into the column ‘Drift correction' for Built-in Output for averting audio sync problems.

  • Next, tap on 'System Preferences' and tap on 'Sound.' You'll have to choose the newly formed Multi-Output Device.

  • Now open OBS, move to ‘Settings’ and then ‘Audio.’ Next, choose the iShowU Audio Capture option as one such Auxiliary/ Mic Audio Device. You may start capturing in iShowU Audio Capture OBS Mac after finishing it.

  • You may now record desktop audio and play all music and videos to ensure whether the sound has been recorded. But, again, you'll find the soundbar moving.

  • Note: In case you can’t hear any sound, you may repeat the previous two steps to ensure you did it correctly.


1. How can I fix the iShowU Audio Capture when it isn’t picking up any audio files?

You can use Audio MIDI Setup, thereby forming a Multi-Output Device in case the iShowU Audio Capture can pick up audio files. However, the audio quality might degrade considerably. Also, it is advisable selecting any professional substitute for capturing a screen with any lossless or lagging audio file.

2. What are iShowU Audio Capture pricing plans?

The iShowU Audio Capture is available Freemium or Free.

3. Does this iShowU audio Capture present standard features and security?

A a few locations, this iShowU Audio Capture software requires enhancing its security. However, till now, the attribute is genuine for this software.

4. Why can’t I find iShowU Audio Capture after installation?

You've to visit 'Security & Privacy from the menu 'System Preferences' when the iShowU Audio Capture isn’t coming up on the screen. Next, tap on the ‘Allow' key to permit the apps to download from Shiny White Box Limited to develop before establishing the iShowU Audio Capture program again.

5. Why is there no sound in my video?

You've to open the program you wish to capture before moving into Multi-Output Device. This device shall only record sound from a program opened post switching.


Apple has now disabled the function of capturing internal and desktop sound in all its Mac. Moreover, even iShowU Audio Capture BigSur doesn’t work anymore. So what to do when you wish to record internal audio? The answer is iShowU Audio Capture, as it's a workaround that no one should miss. This software has been designed to record audio on your devices. It even holds several easy-to-set choices with a sturdy back-end that will help you customize the output, size, file, and resolution type. Thus, its outcome is a practical, robust audio recording tool ideal for tutorial videos and gaming.

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