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Histogram for Mac

Filmora ensures the seamless color editing process with its Histogram feature. The histogram is a significant tool for monitoring color corrections and preserving the visual quality of the video. In this informative guide, users will acquire the knowledge required to access Filmora's histograms and tailor their layouts for optimal functionality:

Access and Personalize Histograms

The following section outlines the steps for accessing and personalizing histograms within Filmora:

Step 1: Import Media to the Timeline

Begin by installing the Filmora software on your device and launching it. From the main menu, select the "Open Project" option, choose the media files you wish to import, and they will be automatically placed on the timeline.

open filmora mac project
Open filmora mac project
Step 2: Accessing Histograms

Once your video is on the timeline, select it, move toward the preview screen, and click the "Video Scope" button located at the top right of the preview section to access its features.

go for video scopes
Go for video scopes
Step 3: Personalize the Histogram Options

Customize the video scope layout to a single view from the top right corner. Moreover, expand the "Type" navigation, and from the dropdown menu, select "Histogram" to observe the color preview. Furthermore, you can switch between histogram channels, including "RGB" and "YRGB".

change layout and manage histograms
Change layout and manage histograms