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Export Clip Range for Mac

Filmora enables users to define a specific range within an existing video clip and export it. This feature not only ensures a streamlined workflow but also eliminates the need for trimming before exporting. To delve into the efficient and time-saving features of Filmora, pay attention to the detailed guide below:

Defining the Clip Range

There are two methods that users can employ according to their preference for defining a clip's range before exporting:

Method 1: Via Preview Window
Step 1: New Project Initiation and Clip Import

Following the installation and launching of Filmora, locate and select the "Open Project" button on the main menu's right side. Afterward, select a media file for import from your device, and it will be added to the timeline.

open project on filmora
Open project on filmora
Step 2: Selection of the Clip's Starting Point

Once your chosen clip is in Filmora's timeline, direct your attention towards the "Preview" section. Click the "{" icon to invoke a slider that enables precise adjustment of the starting point of the clip.

set starting point
Set starting point
Step 3: Designate the Clip's Ending Point

For setting the end point of this clip range selection, repeat the process; however, this time, engage the "}" icon.

set ending point
Set ending point
Method 2: Via Keyboard Shortcuts

An alternative method for commencing the same action involves using the "I" key to specify the starting point and the "O" key to specify the endpoint.

Exporting the Defined Clip Range

Once the clip range has been set, proceed to export it by following the step-by-step approach mentioned below:

Leveraging the Export Functionality

After establishing the clip range using the previous method, navigate to the "Export" button and click it. A "Select Clip Range" window will emerge where you can adjust the settings, including the folder location for your clip, its name, and additional parameters. Upon setting all these parameters, finalize the process by choosing the "Export" button.

export clip from filmora
Export clip from filmora