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Light Adjustments for Mac

Modifying the light elements in your media is important as it impacts the clarity of objects and the overall quality of your content. Filmora offers a range of adjustment options within the light section, allowing users to fine-tune the settings according to their preferences. In this guide, you will learn about the aspects to modify in the light section:

How to Access the Light Adjustment Feature?

The question of accessing the Light settings within Filmora's interface remains still. This step-by-step guide will provide you with the answer to this:

Step 1: Adding Media to the Timeline

Begin by launching the application on your device and clicking the "New Project" button to access the editing interface. Then, drag and drop the imported media into the timeline using your cursor.

set up project on filmora
Set up project on filmora
Step 2: Enabling the Light Option

Select the video in the timeline and navigate to the settings panel on the left side of the editing window. Within the "Color > Basic" tab, scroll down until you locate the "Light" section and activate it. In this section, you can adjust elements such as "Exposure", "Brightness", "Contrast", "Highlight", "Shadow", "White", and "Black".

lead to light option
Lead to light option
Step 3: Saving or Resetting

After adjusting, use the "Save as custom" option to preserve your settings or click the "Reset" button to readjust them.

save or reset color settings
Save or reset color settings