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Best Practices: Cloud Backup

Cloud backup service is newly released with Filmora V11. It aims to make video-editing cooperation and sharing easier for video creators.

How Does Cloud Backup Help with Sharing?

❶ It could be troublesome to carry external storage when you need to edit your video projects on a new computer or share them with your colleagues.

❷ With cloud backup, you can upload the file to Wondershare Drive and download it anywhere, anytime to continue editing or share the project file with your friends/colleagues for them to add their creative thoughts.

How to Use Cloud Backup?

Upload Project

Open Filmora > Click Recent Project > Click on the Upload icon on the project you would like to backup to Inclowdz Drive > Once completed, you can find the video under the Cloud Project tab.

How to backup projects to cloud backup
How to backup projects to cloud backup

Share Project

Under the Cloud Project tab, click the Share icon to share the download link to anyone you want.

Open Project

Click the Folder icon to open the projects with Filmora.

Delete Project

If you wish to delete any projects, click on the dustbin icon to delete them.

How to use Filmora cloud backup service
Filmora Cloud Backup
Paid users will automatically be granted access to 1GB cloud storage.