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Collection of Effects for Mac

Video editing is all about correctly adding unique, creative, and aesthetic effects to your video, and the new Filmora upgrade remembers that. Users can find a more organized outlook of effects in Filmora. For instance, Video Effects, Boris FX, Filter & LUT, New Blue FX, Audio Effect, and others have sub-categories now.

In Filter & LUT, users can add cinematic and modern effects such as Instagram, Portrait, Retro, Black and White, and more into their content. AI Portrait, AR Stickers, and Glitch effects are now found in Video Effects. Users can also incorporate three genres of Audio Effects: Audio Driven Effects, Audio Visualizer effects, and Voice Filters effects.

In addition, all the light, optical, and blur effects are categorized into the Boris FX category. Moreover, users can also find lifestyle effects like Food, Style, and Scenery in Filter & LUT. All of the above, there is a "Recommended" effects category where New and Trending effects are shown.

With the "Collection Effects" in line, Filmora has made effects navigation easier. By searching for a respective keyword, you get two different options. You can find complete collections in "Related assets collection" and respective keyword results in the "Search Results". This effectively makes effects navigation easier across Filmora.

viewing searching mechanism in effects
Viewing searching mechanism in effects