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3D LUT for Mac

This guide shows how to apply or add your 3D LUT in the video.

A Look-Up Table (LUT) uses math instructions to replace a color with another one in the video. It’s like a color grading preset as part of the Digital Intermediate process. It is extensively used in the movie production chain. The feature can give your video a unique style.

Apply 3D LUT to Videos on Mac

The followings are steps for applying 3D LUT to your video.

Step 1: Add your required video

Launch the application on your computer first. Import the video to the application if you need. Or you can directly drag the clip from your computer or library to the processing interface.

Step 2: Activate the 3D LUT tool

Double-click the video in the timeline. Click Color>Basic, then choose 3D LUT in the Drop Down List in the Preset section. Select the feature you like. Click Ok when you are done.

mac 3d lut options interface

In total, there are 16 different effects available in the system to choose from, including the 007 Series, B&W Film, Batman, Cool Film, Dark Film, Game of Thrones, Gravity, Harry Porter, House of Cards, Mission Impossible, Reign, Sparta 300, Star Wards, Walking Dead, Warm Film, or Cyberpunk 1.

Besides that, if you want to add your LUT as a preset, you can import your 3D LUT effect from the computer by clicking Load LUT.

mac load 3d lut choice

Remove 3D LUT Feature

Double-click the video clip in the timeline to launch the property panel if you need to remove the feature. Click None in the feature choices to remove the effect.

mac none 3d lut feature choice