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Add Titles

Filmora for Mac makes it easy to create text & titles that match your style. Captions, lower 3rds, subtitles, openers, and end credits are the text options in Filmora for Mac. You can even add animated text effects like dialog balloons. In this guide, you’ll learn how to access and use them.

There is a variety of animated text presets you can access under the “Titles” menu. You can customize any text effect you find and save it as a new preset.

Adding text to your project

Go to the Titles menu, choose a text effect, and drag it into the timeline. You can also right-click on the text effect and choose Apply.

You can also enter plain text; it's no animations or extras, just simple text.

add titles

In the Titles menu on the left side of the screen, you’ll see folders for different types of text effects marked Opener, Titles, Lower 3rds, Sub Titles, and End Credits. You can preview each effect by double-clicking on it. Drag and drop the effect you want to use into the timeline, or right-click on it and select “Apply”.

Applying for Openers and End Credits

To add an Opener (also called an Intro), go to the “Openers” menu under Titles of Filmstock and right-click on the Opener you want to add. Select “Apply,” and the Opener will be added to a new video track.

add titles

To add End Credits, go to “End Credits” option under Filmstock of the Titles and right-click on the credits you want. Then, select “Apply” from the submenu.

add titles