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Playback Speed Shortcuts for Mac

Being a professional video editor can be hectic at times, and the constant switching of the cursor to the keyboard can be exhausting, but Filmora has a solution. With its new update, users can control the video playback speed with the help of keyboard shortcuts. Here is how Wondershare Filmora is making video editing easy for you:

Accessing Playback Shortcuts

Filmora has assigned three keys as playback speed controllers. This section is going to reveal all of them below:

Step 1: Download Filmora's Latest Version and Access Main Interface

First, users need to install the latest version of this software on their MacBook and log in to it. Then, proceed by clicking the "New Project" tab on the main screen, leading to its main interface.

create new project on filmora
Create new project on filmora
Step 2: Import the Video and Place it on the Timeline

From the Filmora's editing window, locate the top toolbar and click "File". From the dropdown menu, select "Import", choose a preferred import type, and import your video. After the successful import of the video, drag and drop it in the timeline with the help of your cursor.

add video to filmora
Add video to filmora
Step 3: Shortcut for Video Reverse

To reverse your video, click the video in the timeline and press the "J" key on your keyboard. The playback speed range for reversing a video in Filmora is from -x1 to -x32.

reverse video using shortcut
Reverse video using shortcut
Step 4: Shortcut for Pausing Video

To pause a video during editing, press the "K" key on your keyboard to pause it.

pause video using shortcut
Pause video using shortcut
Step 5: Shortcut for Forwarding Video

If you want to forward or increase the playback speed of your video, place your finger on the "L" key on your keyboard and tap it repeatedly until you reach your desired speed. The playback speed range for forwarding a video in Filmora is from 2x to 32x.

forward video using shortcut
Forward video using shortcut