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Vignette Effect for Mac

Vignette is a widely-used effect, mainly known for adding a touch of nostalgia or past to your images and videos, and you can achieve this effortlessly with Wondershare Filmora. This effect allows users to edit their media and capture viewers' attention with its outlook. To delve deeper into this feature, continue exploring this guide below:

How to Access the Vignette Effect?

This section discusses the steps for accessing and enabling the Vignette effect in Filmora while also exploring its aspects:

Step 1: Begin a Project and Add Media to the Timeline

Upon launching Filmora on your desktop, initiate a new project by selecting the "Open Project" button, and then import your desired file directly into the Media Library. Afterward, place your media on the timeline and select it.

import media to filmora mac
Import media to filmora mac
Step 2: Enable the Vignette Effect

Upon completing the previous step, a customization panel will appear on the left side of the screen. Using your cursor, navigate towards this panel, and under the "Color > Basic" tab, scroll down to locate the "Vignette" effect. Once found, enable it and adjust the settings below as per your video requirements. Users also have the flexibility to customize the parameters under the vignette.

apply vignette effect
Apply vignette effect
Step 3: Save the Vignette Settings

To readjust the vignette parameters, click the "Reset" button to revert the changes. After completing your editing, save your customized settings by clicking the "Save as custom" button at the bottom of the customization panel.

reset and save vignette settings
Reset and save vignette settings