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White Balance for Mac

White Balance is used to adjust the color temperature and tint of a video image. This guide introduces how to apply this feature to your videos and how to adjust the settings.

Usage Scenario

White Balance is used to improve the ambient color of your videos effectively. With the white balance settings, you can adjust a video's color temperature to make it natural or create a specific atmosphere.

Apply White Balance to Videos on Mac:

Check the following steps to learn how to apply white balance on Mac.

Step 1: Add your needed video

Launch the application first. Drag your needed video clip from your computer to the processing interface.

Step 2: Activate the White Balance Feature

Click the clip in the timeline. Then, click Color>Basic>White Balance in the upper toolbar. Click the Auto button to select the white color automatically. Alternatively, use the eyedropper tool to pick a reference area efficiently that is white or neutral gray in the video in the Preview window.

white balance for mac settings

Step 3: Adjust the settings

You can also set the values manually. Both Temperature and Tint settings are available below. Click Ok when you are done.

  • Temperature: It's used to modify the tone of the video. A lower value means the color looks bluer or colder, and a higher value means the color looks more yellowish or warmer.
  • Tint: It's used to change the color level of the video. A lower figure leads to a greener image, and a higher figure leads to a redder image.
adjust white balance settings

Remove White Balance

To quickly delete the feature, you can click on the reset icon on the right side of White Balance. Then, the values will revert back to the default 0.

white balance reset icon

Keyframes on White Balance

Sometimes, you may need to apply the feature at specific points or create a transition between different values. It requires you to use White Balance only in several keyframes.

To achieve it, you need to drag the process bar to where you want to apply the feature first. Then, after setting the specific values, click the keyframe icon. When you confirm the settings, click Ok to save the changes.

white balance keyframe icon

Note: No matter how many keyframes you add, the tool will analyze and connect keyframes with different settings smoothly and naturally.

To remove the set keyframe, you can right-click the needed keyframe in the timeline, and select Edit Keyframe, Delete Keyframe, or Clear All Keyframes.

delete keyframes white balance