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Sharpen for Mac

Filmora's sharpness feature empowers users to bring clarity to their content and enhance the definition of objects. While it's not an independent function, accessing it is straightforward. By exploring this guide, you'll gain the knowledge needed to sharpen objects in your videos:

How to Access the Sharpness Option?

In this section, we've outlined a step-by-step procedure for accessing and adjusting the sharpen feature in Filmora:

Step 1: Import Media into the Media Library

Initiate Wondershare Filmora after installation, and upon reaching its main interface, create a "New Project". Using your keyboard, invoke the "Command + I" buttons to begin the import process. After importing your files into the Media Library, employ the drag-and-drop functionality to position them on the timeline.

import media to filmora mac
Import media to filmora mac
Step 2: Locating and Enabling the Sharpen Option

Next, select the timeline clip and access the "Color" settings within the left panel. Here, scroll until you find the "Adjust" slider, and enable it. Then, expand it to reveal the "Sharpen" slider. By adjusting the slider forwards and backward, you can control the intensity of this effect.

access sharpen settings
Access sharpen settings
Step 3: Saving or Re-Adjusting Settings

To preserve these settings for future use, click the "Save as custom" button or press the "Reset" button to return to the editing process from the start.

reset or save settings
Reset or save settings