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Basic Editing Tips for windows

  1. Can I separate videos from the video track?

    Our software doesn’t have such a feature to separate video directly, but you can add a black color item between videos to make them look like they are separated. Please refer to the following steps:

    1. Import your videos to the media library.

    import media files

    2. Drag the videos to the top first track of timeline

    drag videos

    3. Click sample color menu and choose black color.

     add a sampe color

    4. Drag the black color item between videos.

    add between

  2. Take snapshots by Wondershare Filmora

    You can refer to the following instruction to take a snapshot and find it on your computer:

    1. Play a video on the software and click the snapshot icon, then the software will take a snapshot and send to the media library.

    snapshot icon

    2. Right-Click on the snapshot item on the media libray and choose find target menu, a folder with the snapshot will be opened.

    find target

  3. What is .WVE file created by Filmora?

    When you press Ctrl+S to save the work/project file, you will get a file in .WVE format. It is not a video format file, it’s the exclusive file ended with .WVE which stores memory of all related elements used and editing decisions made for one movie on the Timeline. If you delete some of the original files, or move, or rename them, the project file will be damaged and can’t be opened. And it could be recognized only by Filmora, you can reload it by clicking OPEN RECENT for further modification.

    open recent

    To avoid losing the project file by accident, it is suggested to archive the project file. Then if part of the original files of the project file are moved, deleted, or renamed, you can also open the project.

  4. Can I edit the project file again once I exported it to other formats?

    Once you have exported the project file to a video format, such as mp4, mov…etc. Then you are not able to modify the elements (text, transition, Intro/Credit…etc) of the project file any more. But if you have saved the project file as a .WVE project file, then you could reload it by clicking OPEN RECENT to import it for further modification.

    open recent
  5. What should I do to archive the project file and reopen it?

    To archive, please press the Filmora at the left top corner, then select Archive Project, rename the file and select the location to save it.

    archive project

    After you archive the project file, it will be saved as a zip file, which including the Media folder of the source files and the project file in .wve. To open it, you just need to unzip the file first, and double click the .wve.

    filmora project