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  • Is all the music in Filmora royalty free?

    Yes, all the music in Filmora is royalty free; however they can be used for personal use and not commercial use. This means that even if you purchase Filmora with a commercial license, you are still not allowed use it for business.

    After you purchase a license for Filmora, you are eligible to use the songs in the music library. However, YouTube’s flagging system is automated and subject to error. It may sometimes flag videos despite licenses.

    If you purchased a license for Filmora but were still flagged by YouTube for using copyrighted music, please follow the steps below to resolve the issue:

    1. Go to Video Manager> Copyright Notices


    2. Select File a dispute.


    3. Select I have a license or permission from the proper rights holder to use this material. In the screen after that, select I am sure that I have a license or permission, and I want to dispute this claim.


    After that, it will ask you to explain your reasons for filing the dispute. Explain that you have already purchased Filmora and add this link to the user agreement:

    Now you just need to check the two boxes at the bottom and type in your full name as a digital signature. Your dispute will be submitted to YouTube for review. Please be patient as it may take up to 30 days to get a response.

    We also have a video tutorial below from our official YouTube channel to help you resolve this issue.
  • What I can do if I fail to share videos online from the software?

    As you know, the sharing feature is based on the third party websites such as yotube, facebook, vimeo etc., our software just reference third party website APIs to do this, so this issue is not caused by our software directly.

    Sometimes due to the third party websites update, it may cause this issue. Usually after finishing update, it will be fine. We'd suggest you try it in 1~2 days later.

    Or you can try another way to export a video to your local computer first and then share the video from your computer.

    Here is an example on how to save to a local computer and then share to youtube:

    1. Click export and choose to export to a standard video such as mp4 to your computer.

    export to computer

    2. Sign in Youtbue and then click upload and choose the video from your computer to upload.

    upload to youtube