Upgrade to Filmora for windows

  • Wondershare Video Editor VS Wondershare Filmora

    Please note that Filmora is the upgraded version from Video Editor 5.1.1, you could check the difference as below.

    1.Smart thumbnail previews (when you select filter in filter library, you get the real-time preview of your own media on the Timeline). By using the Video Editor, you could not get the real-time preview of your own media on timeline until you apply it first.

    2.Rebranding new UI, minor UX change.

    3. Adds New effects and categories based on the Video Editor.

    4.Adds the ability to archive project file for transferring between PCs and avoid media file missing. By using the Video Editor, you are not allowed to transfer the project file to other PCs for opening or editing.

    5.Adds the ability to relocate missing media in saved project, resolved the issue of project unable to save in some cases. Once you change the location of the source files or rename them, the project can not be opened again.

    6.Adds the ability to import Media directly from AVCHD camcorder and Mobile phone (iOS, Android).

    7.Timelin UX optimization for resolving the “too easy to cut clip into two parts when move clips on Timeline” issue.

  • How do I update Wondershare Filmora to the latest version (V7.0.0)

    There are two ways to make an update of Wondershare Filmora. You can follow below steps to update automatically.

    1.Please choose Settings under Help menu.


    2.Change Check for upgrades automatically to Every Day/Week/Month/Never accordingly.


    3.If you choose check for upgrade automatically Every Day, it will pop up a Live Update window, please select Update Now to download the package.


    4.After downloading, please press OK to terminate the program and install the new version. You can also click Cancel to install it next time.


    If you prefer the current version you are using, please choose Never to stop the update. Whenever you need an update, please choose Check for update under Help menu to make an update manually.


    If you miss the live update window, you can also click the link below to download the latest version directly.


    Tips: In order not to lose any project, no matter which way above you select, please save your work manually before the update.

  • Upgrade from Video Editor to Filmora

    Please note that Wondershare Filmora is the upgraded version from Video Editor 5.1.2. To check the difference between them, you could click here for the details.

    If you need to upgrade it to Wondershare Filmora, you could go to our website and press Free Download.

    Or you could click the link below to upgrade to Wondershare Filmora directly.


    After you click the link, it will automatically remove the old version first, then install Wondershare Filmora. In order not to lose the project file created by the Video Editor, please press Ctrl+S to save the project file first. Then you could reload it to Filmora after installation.

    If you are required to register the program again after upgrading, please activate the program with the original registration code and licensed email. If you could not find it, you could click here to retrieve it.