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Export Clip Range for Windows

To maintain the seamless editing flow in Filmora, users can set a specific range from the existing clip and export it. This function has many benefits, as users do not need to trim and export the clip. Scroll down to find more about how to export selected ranges with ease:

Set the Clip

There are two methods to choose the clip’s range before exporting

Method 1: Using the Preview Window
Step 1: Open the Project and Import Your Clip to the Timeline

After downloading and launching Filmora, direct towards the right side of the main menu and click the "Open Project" button to import your files directly into the timeline.

commence the open project function
Commence the open project function
Step 2: Select the Start Point of the Clip Range

Once the clip has been imported in Filmora, hover towards the Preview Window and click the "{" icon, and a slider will appear to adjust the starting point of the clip.

choosing the start point
Choosing the start point
Step 3: Select the End Point of the Clip Range

Repeat the same process for adjusting the end point of this clip; however, choose the "}" icon this time.

choosing the endpoint
Choosing the endpoint
Method 2: Using the Keyboard Shortcuts

An alternative method for commencing the same action is using the "I" key to define the start and the "O" key to define the endpoint.

Export the Clip Range

Upon selecting the clip range, we'll learn the step-by-step approach to exporting them:

Method: Utilizing the Export Button

Once the clip range has been set, move towards the "Export" button and click it. A "Select Clip Range" window will appear; from there, set the relevant settings like the folder for your clip, its name, and more, and hit the "Export" button.

export selected range
Export selected range