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Preset Animations

Besides creating custom animations, you can also save time by animating with presets. Presets are animation settings designed and applied in advance.

Locate Preset Option

Double click on a clip, image, or element in your timeline to open the editing menu. From there, click on the Animation tab and choose Preset. From the Preset window, you can clearly see the Preset Animation and Preset Motion (Legacy) option. You can have a try to confirm the most matching one.

locate preset option

Apply A Preset

Find a Preset you like and apply it by dragging it into the timeline, double-clicking on it, or right-clicking it.

apply a preset
Apply Presets

Customize the Preset Animation

You can edit or delete the preset animation by clicking the keyframe on the video clip, and customizing the rotate, scale, position, and opacity values you want.

customize preset animation
Customize the Preset Animation