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Auto Denoise

Auto Denoise function helps to remove background noise from the recorded audios or videos with sound. It is an efficient and convenient tool to help you remove the noise in one click automatically. To remove unwanted background noise from your recorded audio, follow the steps below

Apply Auto Denoise Feature

1 Double click on an audio clip in the timeline panel to open the Audio adjustment window.

2 Right-click on the selected audio clip, then choose Audio>Adjust Audio.

3 Select the audio clip, and then tab on Tools>Audio>Adjust Audio.

Check the box next to Remove background noise. Drag the slider to the level (Weak, Mid, or Strong) of noise reduction that you need.

Auto Denoise Option
The types of noise you can remove using the denoise tool include wind noise, computer hums, and other consistent sounds.

Reset Auto Denoise

If you are not satisfied with the Auto Denoise option, you can uncheck the checkbox or click on the Reset icon to cancel the function.

Reset Auto Denoise