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Playback Speed Shortcuts for Windows

If you prefer to use something other than a cursor to change your videos' playback speed, Filmora has the perfect upgrade for you. The latest update in Filmora offers shortcuts that you can use to modify and control the playback speed of your video. To explore more about these shortcuts, here is an elaborated guide on it:

Using Shortcuts to Modify Playback Speed

Changing the speed of your video is just a click away. Here is a step-by-step guide to changing the playback speed of video:

Step 1: Download Filmora and Initiate a New Project

To utilize this functionality, download Filmora on your PC and initiate it. After logging into it, go to the left panel and select "Create Project" from the given option. Go to the "New Project" tab to start creating or editing.

click the new project button
Click the new project button
Step 2: Import the Video and Drop it on the Timeline

Once in the editing window of Filmora, navigate towards the top toolbar, click "Files", select "Import" from the options menu, and import your media clip. After that, place your cursor on the video in the timeline, bring it on the timeline, and release it on a track.

bring the clip to timeline
Bring the clip to timeline
Step 3: Reverse a Video

To reverse a video in the timeline, the user must press the "J" key on the keyboard. The playback speed range for reversing a video is from -x1 to -x32.

use j key to reverse video
Use J key to reverse video
Step 4: Pause a Video

You need to pause a video several times while editing it in the timeline, and sometimes, reaching the pause option may take time. To speed this up, tap the "K" key on your keyboard, and your video will be paused.

use k key to pause video
Use K key to pause video
Step 5: Forward a Video

To move forward with a video in the timeline, place your finger on your keyboard's "L" key and tap it repeatedly until you reach the desired speed. The playback speed range for forwarding a video in Filmora is from 2x to 32x.

use l key to forward a video
Use L key to forward a video