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Think Bigger From Filmora User Guide

Speed Ramping

In Filmora, you can choose to change speed uniformly or speedily. To change the speed of the video or audio clips variably. You need to use Filmora Speed Ramping feature.

Find the Speed Ramping Panel

Here you have three ways to go to Speed Ramping tab:

1 Double click on the video or audio clip that you want to change the speed. In the pop-up editing window, select Speed> Speed Ramping.

2 Right-click on the video or audio clip, go to the Speed Ramping

3 Kindly tab on the Speed icon on the toolbar, then choose Speed Ramping.

Customize the Speed Ramps

In the Speed Ramping panel, you can customize the speed or select the speed preset such as Montage, Hero Moment, Bullet Time, Jumper, Flash in, and Flash out. You can choose the Preset speed ramps. Or you can customize your creative ones.

Place the playhead to where you want to speed up or slow down the speed or videos. Then click Add icon to add speed keyframes. After adding speed ramp, Filmora will mark Speed Ramping on the video or audio clips. Now let’s come to adjust the video keyframe speed, drag the keyframe dot upward or downward to control the point speed. Besides that, you can maintain the audio pitch whatever the video speeds up or slow down.

If you feel satisfied after the adjustments, you can click OK to save the settings. Otherwise, you can click on the Reset button to restore the previous settings.