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Think Bigger From Filmora User Guide

Add Audio Effects to Video

You can apply the audio effect presets included in Filmora to both audio and video clips, simulating the sound in different environments, and enhancing your video’s sound.

How to Apply Audio Effects?

1. FindAudioEffect Path

In Filmora, select your video or audio clip in the media library, and drag it to the timeline. Then go to Effects>Audio Effects.

Audio Effects

2. Preview the Audio Effects

You will find five sound effect samples: Big Room, Small Room, Echo, Lobby, and Phone. Download the audio effect first. Then add the effect to the clip by tabbing the Add icon or dragging to the clip directly. After that, you can play the video or audio clip to check the result.

Adjust Applied Audio Effects

Currently, you can adjust the settings of Big Room, Small Room, Echo, Lobby, and Phone. To adjust the audio effects applied, double click the timeline clip and then go to audio effects under the Audio tab.

1 Big Room effect: Using the Big Room audio effect, the sound signal will diffuse around in a big room. To heighten the level, the voice seems to spread farther.

2 Small Room effect: When applying a Small Room audio effect, the sound signal will rebound when spread around to the room wall. The higher the level is, the larger the rebounding sound is.

3 Echo effect: A sound or series of sounds caused by the reflection of sound waves from a surface back to the listener.

4 Lobby audio effect: Imagine when your sound is reverberating in a lobby. The voice signal can diffuse farther than in a big room.

5 Phone audio effect: Using this phone audio effect, your speaking will sound like you are on the phone.

Audio Effect Types

Replace Audio Effect

To replace the applied audio effect, just drag and drop audio effects to the video clip in the timeline, and click OK in the pop-up window as shown below.

Replace Audio Effects

Remove Applied Audio Effects

To remove applied audio effects, click the clip containing the effect in the timeline, go to the Audio tab, scroll down to the Audio Effect field and uncheck it. The applied audio effects will be removed automatically, and the audio effect icon in the timeline will turn grey. Or, you can click the X icon next to the Audio Effect to delete it.

Remove Audio Effects
If you want to remove all applied effects from the clip, right-click it in the timeline, and select Effect>Delete Effect. The applied audio effects and other video effects such as filters or overlays will be removed altogether.
Delete Effect