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AI Portrait

AI Portrait is an AI tool that can separate the portrait and background in a video. With the help of Artificial Intelligence technology, it can automatically detect the portrait in videos and remove the background quickly. You don’t need to use the green screen or chroma key anymore. Moreover, you can even add borders, glitches, pixelated, and noise effects to make your video stand out.

How to Use AI Portrait?

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Step 1: Import and Add Media Files to the Timeline

Import the media file to Wondershare Filmora and add it to the timeline.

Body Effects
Import Media Files

Step 2: Enable AI Portrait

Double-click on the clip in your timeline to open the editing panel, and check the box next to AI Portrait. You can also select the video in the timeline first and then click on the AI Portrait icon on the toolbar to automatically enable the AI Portrait feature.

Body Effects
Enable AI Portrait

Step 3: Replace the Background

Import your images from the media library or local gallery, and drag it down under the portrait track.

Body Effects
Replace the Background

Step 4: Add Body Effects

These effects can be used to enhance, alter, or stylize the appearance of the subject.

Choose the Body Effects

Go to Effects>Body Effects on the top toolbar. You will see all the body effects here.Click the Body thumbnail and check it in the preview window. To add the Body effects, drag the body effect to the timeline or click the Add icon on the Body Effects thumbnail.

Body Effects
Body Effects
Preview Effects

Elongate or shorten the effect to fit the video clip length. Play the video and check the results. Add multiple effects to the clip by dragging and dropping them to the timeline.

Preview the Effects
Preview Body Effects
Adjust Body Effects

Adjust the settings of the effect to get the best results. Different effects have different settings. Double click the added  effect in the timeline and scroll down to Video Effects, check the settings of the portrait effect that you can change.

Effect Settings
Body Effect Settings

If you are not satisfied with your settings, you can click on the Reset button next to the value boxes.

Reset Settings
Reset Body Settings
Delete Effects

To delete the Effects, you have three ways:

  • Select the unwanted Portrait Effects and tab the Delete To delete multiple Effects, click on Ctrl to select several Effects at one time, and then click Delete.
  • Right-click on the effect, and then select Delete.
Delete Effects
Delete Body Effects

Step 5: Export and Share

Click Export when you finish editing and choose the format you want to save.