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Audio Stretch for Windows

One of Filmora's many functionalities is its audio stretching feature, which allows editors to increase or decrease the duration of an audio file to fit the video clip. This feature proves proficient as users only need to go through some technicalities. Users can explore this guide to learn more about all the navigations included in the process:

Accessing the Audio Stretch Option

There are two plain methods to operate audio stretch on Filmora, and by following the given instructions, users can activate it:

Method 1: Using the Timeline Options Panel

Step 1: Import Media and Detach Audio

Upon creating a new project in Filmora, import your media and, through the drag-and-drop feature, bring it to the timeline. Before importing, make sure your video file has audio. After that, right-click on this file in the timeline and choose the "Detach Audio" option from the selection menu.

enable detach audio option
enable detach audio option
Step 2: Activate Audio Stretch Functionality

Now, click on the detached audio track within the timeline, navigate towards the timeline toolbar, and click the "Audio Stretch" option in the timeline.

commence the audio stretch action
commence the audio stretch action

Method 2: Utilizing the Keyboard Shortcuts

Another method for activating audio stretch functionality is to select the detached audio clip in the timeline and click the "S" key from the keyboard.