Download & Install

If you haven't downloaded the software, click the button below to download, choose Mac or Windows Version depending on your OS.And then follow the instruction to finish the installing process.


To register the program, you could go to Easy Mode or Full Feature Mode, and then input the registration code and licensed email.

1.Easy Mode

After you select Easy Mode to get access to the program, please select Help under the Menu, then find register... option. Then please copy and paste the registration code and licensed e-mail to register it. Please ensure there’s no trailing blank when entering your licensed E-mail and registration code.

2.Full Feature Mode

Or you could select Full Feature Mode to get access to the progam, then find Register button under REGISTER on the top menu. And then copy and paste the registration code and licensed email to activate the program.

full registe


There are two ways to make an update of Wondershare Filmora. You can follow below steps to update automatically.

1.Please choose Settings under FILE on top menu.

2.Change Check for upgrades automatically to Every Day/Week/Month/Never accordingly.

3.If you choose check for upgrade automatically Every Day, it will pop up a Live Update window, please select Update Now to download the package.


4.After downloading, please press OK to terminate the program and install the new version. You can also click Cancel to install it next time.


If you prefer the current version you are using, please choose Never to stop the update. Whenever you need an update, please choose Check for update under Help to make an update manually.


If you miss the live update window, you can also click the link below to download the latest version directly.

Tips: In order not to lose any project, no matter which way above you select, please save your work manually before the update.


Right-click the icon of the program on desktop, and select Open File Location, it will direct to the installation folder of this program. Find a file unis000.exe, double click it to uninstall the program.