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White Balance for Windows

White Balance eliminates color casts to restore the natural color temperature of a video. This guide shows how to use the white balance feature in videos and how to make detailed settings.

Usage Scenarios

White Balance is widely used to make the white objects in a video look white. Also, with the settings of color, you can create an atmosphere of your preference, ranging from cold to warm.

Apply White Balance to Videos on Windows

You can follow the procedure below to launch the White Balance feature.

Step 1: Add your required video

Launch the application on your computer. Import media or select your needed one from the stock, then drag it to the bottom processing interface.

Step 2: Open the White Balance Feature

Click the video in the timeline and then switch to the Color tab. Turn on the White Balance feature by clicking the button beside it.

white balance for windows interface
white balance for windows interface
Step 3: Adjust the settings

If you want to apply the function automatically, you can click Auto or the eyedropper tool to set the color instantly.

For more precise adjustments, Temperature and Tint settings are available:

  • Drag the Temperature slider to modify the color of the video. A lower value means a colder color temperature, and a higher value will be a warmer color temperature.
  • Then, drag the Tint slider to change the color level of the video.
adjust white balance settings
adjust white balance settings

Remove White Balance

To remove the set feature, you can click the reset icon on the right side of the White Balance section title. Then, the values will revert to the default 0.

white balance reset icon
white balance reset icon

Keyframes on White Balance

When you only want to apply white balance for a short period of the video or set different white balance effects at several points, you need to set keyframes in the timeline. Drag the playhead to where you need it, set the White Balance adjustments, and click the keyframe icon.

white balance reset icon
white balance reset icon

You can add as many keyframes as you need. The system can analyze the differences between two close keyframes, and export natural changes from one point to another. To delete the keyframe features, you can right-click the specific keyframe in the timeline, and select Edit Keyframe, Delete Keyframe or Clear All Keyframes.

edit keyframes white balance
edit keyframes white balance