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White Balance

White balance restores the natural color temperature of a video by eliminating color casts. With the white balance settings, you can adjust the video’s color temperature to make it naturally, or create a specific atmosphere.

Adjust White Balance Settings

1. Double click the video in the timeline and then switch to the Color tab, mark the White Balance option box.

2. Click the Auto button to select the white color automatically. Or use the eyedropper tool to pick a reference area that is white or neutral gray in the video in the Preview window.

3. Drag Temperature slider to adjust the color of the video, a lower value means colder color temperature, a higher value will be a warmer color temperature. Drag the Tint slider to change the color level of the video.

adjust video white balance
Adjust Video White Balance

4. Click the Advanced button and you will see the White Balance settings more visually. To compare the original and final result, click the A/B button to view it side by side, left/right, or top/bottom layout.

compare white balance result
White Balance in Advanced Color Correction Window