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FilmoraPro vs Adobe Premiere Pro

Keyboard Shortcuts

Using shortcuts can speed uo your workflow. You can find the shortcuts settings in File > Options > Shortcuts.

For Mac users, please replace CTRL + key combo by CMD + key combo.

If you change the defaults to your prefered shortcuts, click on the current key combo to select it, then enter the new key combo you like.

Undo  Ctrl+Z
Redo  Ctrl*+*Y
New Project  Ctrl+N
Open Project  Ctrl+O
Save Project  Ctrl+S
Save As  Ctrl+Alt+S
Exit  Alt+F4
Delete  Del
Rename  F2
Cut  Ctrl+X
Copy  Ctrl+C
Paste  Ctrl+V
Duplicate  Ctrl+D
Select All  Ctrl+A
Reset  Ctrl+R
Create New Plane  Ctrl+Shift+N
Import Media  Ctrl+O
Switch to Home Screen  Ctrl+1
Switch to Edit Screen  Ctrl+2
Common Timeline
Set In Point  I
Set Out Point  O
Set In and Out Points to Content  P
Set In and Out Points to View (no default)
Move Playhead to Start of Timeline  Home
Move Playhead to End of Timeline  End
Jump to Time  Ctrl+J (highlights current time indicator)
Play/Pause  Space
Previous Frame Left Arrow
Next Frame Right Arrow
Jump Back by 10 Frames  Shift+Left Arrow
Jump Forward by 10 Frames  Shift+Right Arrow
Previous Edit Point  Page up
Next Edit Point  Page down
Increase Timeline Scale  Ctrl++
Decrease Timeline Scale  Ctrl+-
Scroll to Playhead  Ctrl+Home
Previous Keyframe ,
Next Keyframe .
Add/Remove Keyframe /
Slice Selected Objects/Layers  Ctrl+B
Move Playhead to In Point  Shift+I
Move Playhead to Out Point  Shift+O
Remove Attributes  Shift+CTRL+X
Paste Attributes  Shift+CTRL+V
Remove Effects Ctrl+Alt+X
Fit to Frame ~
Fit to Frame Width !
Fit to Frame Height @
Center in Frame #
Editor Sequence Timeline
Select Tool  V
Hand Tool  H
Snap On/Off  Shift+S
Slice Tool  C
Slip Edit Tool  Y
Slide Edit Tool  U
Ripple Edit Tool  R
Roll Edit Tool  E
Ripple Delete  Alt+Delete
Rate Stretch Tool  S
Link Video and Audio Clips  CTRL+\
Unlink Video and Audio Clips  Shift+CTRL+\
Set In Point  I
Set Out Point  O
Previous Frame Left Arrow
Next Frame Right Arrow
Move Playhead to Start  Home
Move Playhead to End  End
Move Playhead to In Point  Shift+I
Move Playhead to Out Point  Shift+O
Play/Pause  Space
Toggle Loop Playback  Ctrl+L
Shuttle Left  J
Shuttle Right  L
Shuttle Stop  K
Insert Media on the Current Timeline  B
Overlay Media on the Current Timeline  N
Viewer Panel
Select Tool  V
Hand Tool  H
Text Tool  T
Toggle Full Screen Preview Ctrl+F
Move Position Left by 1 Pixel Alt+Left Arrow
Move Position Right by 1 Pixel Alt+Right Arrow
Move Position Up by 1 Pixel Alt+Up
Move Position Down by 1 Pixel Alt+Down
Move Position Left by 10 Pixels Alt+Shift+Left
Move Position Right by 10 Pixels Alt+Shift+Right
Move Position Up by 10 Pixels Alt+Shift+Up
Move Position Down by 10 Pixels Alt+Shift+Down