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Adjust Color Tones on Windows

Using Filmora will never leave your video dull, as it has multiple options to elevate the color tones of your video. This function is easy to access, and color tones are more accessible to adjust as you need to play around with the sliders or change the value of color elements. In this guide, you can learn how to access these in-built presets, LUTs, and other color tone options:

Enabling Color Tones in Filmora

This feature is simplified into a few steps, and here is how users can access it and start editing through it by following the given instructions:

Step 1: Transfer the Imported Clip to the Timeline

Upon initiating Wondershare Filmora on your desktop, navigate to the "New Project" button in the main display window. Click the "Ctrl + I" keyboard shortcut to import your clip into the Media Library. Afterward, transfer your clip to the timeline by utilizing the drag-and-drop function and select this clip.

place media to track
Place media to track
Step 2: Access the Color Tab

Following the previous action, proceed to access the "Color > Basic" tab from the right-side panel and embark on the journey of adjusting color tones. You can find many adjustment elements there, like "Presets", "LUT", "Color", "Light”, and others designed to refine the tone of your video composition.

start adjusting the tones
Start adjusting the tones
Step 3: Readjust or Save the Tones

After adjusting, see the preview of the video to know if the results align with your expectations, and click the "Save as custom" button to reserve them. However, if you need a fresh start to set the tone, click on the "Reset" button at the bottom.

save the adjusted tones
Save the adjusted tones