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Collection Effects for Windows

The effects of Filmora's new upgrade have also been upgraded, as little cinematic effects are always needed. Users can find various New and Trending effects in Video Effects, Filter LUT, Overlay, Audio Effects, NewBlueFX, and Boris FX effects in separate categories. These categories include Blur, Glitch, Distortion, Multi-screen, Timer, and other effects.

You can find Instagram, Portrait, Style, and Camera effects for different photography genres. Furthermore, it offers Audio Driven Audio Visualizer and Audio Filter effects. In addition, users can also use the most trending effect under the name of "Speedline".

The "Collection of Effects" is a comprehensive set of enhancements grouped into themes for easy navigation. Such options make it easy for the editors to discover the combination of effects they need for their video. On searching for any particular category, the results are displayed in two separate categories. You can look for complete collections in the "Related assets collection" and find respective effect results in the "Search Results" category.

access effects tab
Access effects tab