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Think Bigger From Filmora User Guide

Using Face-Off Effect

Besides adding mosaic effect to face, you can also try Face-off effect. The difference between Mosaic effect and Face-off effect is that, with Mosaic, you can blur any area in the video and the area won't move around while your video plays, whereas, with Faceoff, you can cover moving faces.

Adding Face-Off Effect to Video

1. Go to the Effect tab at the top and scroll down to the Utility category.

2. Select Face-off and drag it to the track above the video. By default, the face will be blurred with mosaic.

apply face off effect
Apply Face-off Effect

3. Double click the face-off effect in the timeline to enter the Effects editing panel. There is some face presets you can use for fun, choose one and click OK to save changes.

change face off preset
Change Face-off Preset