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Using Mosaic Blur Effect

The mosaic effect allows you to blur a specific area in the video or the whole video.

Adding Mosaic Effect to Blur Objects in Video

  • Click the Effects tab at the top, find Video Effects, and click Utility. Find and drag the Mosaic effect to the track above the video. You can move it to the required timing in the timeline and adjust its duration.
  • In the Preview window, drag the handles of the mosaic effect to adjust its size and position to get the results you want.
use mosaic blur effect filmora 12
Mosaic Effect in Utility Category
  • Click on the mosaic effect in the timeline to enter the Effect edit panel. You can choose the blur type from the presets, drag the slider to adjust the blur amount, and change mosaic opacity.
choose mosaic blur type
Adjust Mosaic Effect

Adding Mosaic Effect to Whole Video

  • In the Effect tab, scroll down to the Video Effects category, and type “Mosaic” in the search box. Then a bunch of related effects will appear. Choose the “Pixelate Store” or the “Pixelate 2” effect.
  • find pixelate effect
Add Pixelate Mosaic Effect
  • Drag one of the pixelate effects to the track above the video.
  • Click the pixelate effect in the timeline to adjust its SquareSize and Opacity.
adjust effect settings
Adjust Pixelate Mosaic Effect