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Save Files in Wondershare Drive

There are 2 ways to save your files as cloud files.

1Save as a project

  • If you haven’t finished editing your video, you can save the video as a project file. So that you can directly continue to edit your video next time.
save files
  • You can also save your project files to Wondershare Dive. So that you can continue to edit your video with another computer and with any time.
  • Just find the “Local Project”, and click the “cloud” icon to save your project files into Wondershare Drive.
save files

2Save to drive while exporting

  • Videos can be saved to Wondersahre Drive while exporting the video. Toggle the option on to upload your project to Cloud as you export.
save files
  • Then, you can check the uploading status in the Transfer Center.
save files