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Share files with Wondershare Drive in Filmora

With Wondershare Drive, you can easily share your videos and project files with others. People can see your sharing videos and edit with your project files.

The sharing project files are only supported to edit in Filmora.

Steps to share files:

Find the sharing icon

There are 2 ways for you to share your video and project files in Filmora.

  • Find “Cloud Project”, choose the project you want to share, and then click the share icon.
cloud projects
  • Or you can just click “cloud” icon on the top and click the share icon.
magage files

Edit your sharing option

You can share your files with or without passwords. The validity period is about 1,7 and 30 days.

  • If share passwords, you can set the passwords you want. Filmora supports 4 letters or numbers as passwords.
  • If share without passwords, all you need to do is choose the validity period.
magage files

Create the sharing link

After setting the sharing options, you can create a link for sharing.

Click “Copy” to quickly copy the link and share it with others!

magage files

People can open the link and see what you share.

magage files