Activation for windows

  • How can I activate my Filmora9?

    You can use the same Wondershare ID account to activate this new version of Filmora9 through online or offline activation.

  • Will Filmora8 or earlier versions be replaced after I install Filmora9?

    Actually, Filmora8 and older versions are totally different from Filmora9. Filmora9 will not replace your older versions, so they can be installed at the same time and saved on your computer.

  • Keep asking me to install the latest version while installing the effect pack.

    Currently it requires Filmora V8.6.0 or above to install the effect pack from the effect store. You can select About…under Help and check which version you have now.


    If your computer is running 32 bit OS, the latest version you can get is V7.8.9 only. So you have to upgrade your operating system to 64 bit OS so that you can install a higher version.

    If your computer is running 64 bit OS and the version you have is lower than 8.1.0, please click here to download the latest version and then login your effect store account to install the pack again.

    Tips: You can follow below article to tell if your computer is running 32 bit OS or 64 bit OS.

  • Usage of the effects from Filmora

    There are two types of effects provided by Filmora:

    1. For the built-in effects found within Filmora,including music tracks,transitions,text and titles,sound effects..etc, all the music tracks are for personal use while the others can be used for commercial use only if you purchase a business license.

    2. For the add-on Effects sold in Effects store(, since all of them are made by Wondershare designers and all rights reserved to Wondershare, so you can use them for commercial use directly after you purchase a business license.

  • How to activate my software without Internet access

    For the users who are using version 8.7.0 or above, when you are offline or don’t have internet access on your computer, you can refer to the steps below to activate Filmora.

    1. Launch Filmora, and select Full Feature Mode.

    2. Go to Help, and click Offline Activation.


    3. Then it will pop up a window asking you to activate your software. Please copy and paste the registration code and licensed e-mail to register it. Please ensure there’s no trailing blank when entering your licensed E-mail and registration code.


    Note: You cannot log in effects store in this way. To log in effects store, please get internet access and then register your Wondershare ID.

  • How do I download all built-in effects

    There are three ways to download the built-in effects.

    1.Find the effects/templates with the blue down arrow at the upper right corner, double click on them to start downloading.

    2.Or you can click on the "+" icon onto each template to start downloading. In this way, it will pop up a window to show you the progress.

    3.To save your time, you can click here to download the full installer of all the built-in effects directly.

  • How do I share and download the free packs

    There are two ways getting the free effects packs. You can either get them from the official website of Effect Store , or you can do it within Filmora. To prevent the incompatibility problem with different kinds of explorers, it is highly suggested to download the free packs through Filmora. Here are the steps for your reference.

    1.Launch Filmora, select full feature mode.

    2.Select MOREEFFECTS at the upper right corner of the preview window.

    3.Select Sign in and login Filmora Effects Store. If you are a new user, please select Sign Up A New Account and register an account.


    4.Scroll down to the bottom of the page, press the letter "f" . Or you can click the thumbnail, it will pop up a new window, please choose Share Free Download.


    5.Login your Facebook account, post your words, select Post To Facebook to finish sharing.

    login-fb share

    6.The downloading will start automatically.


    7.After installation, all the contents of the pack will be included in Filmora.


    Tips: If you need to download other free effect packs, you need to go back to the effect store and repeat the sharing again.

  • Limitations of the trial version

    The trial version is functionally the same as the paid version except there is a watermark in the new output files. There will be no watermark in the new output files after you purchase a license to activate the software.

    Trial limit