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Think Bigger From Filmora User Guide

Export to YouTube

❶ Select YouTube to Export

To upload a finished video directly to YouTube, click “Export” and select “YouTube”. Then Login to your Youtube account.

Select YouTube to Export
Select YouTube to Export

❷ Log In

Check your browser to log in to your account.

Log In YouTube Account
Select “Log in”

❸ Access Account

Click “Allow”, which allows Filmora to access your account.

Access YouTube Account
Access to YouTube Account

❹ Continue the Process in the Filmora

After allowing, you will see a new page to indicate that: Continue the process in the software. Now, come back to Filmora.

Continue the Process in the Software
Continue the Process in the Software

❺ Input Information for Videos

Input the title, description, and tags for the video and choose whether to upload the video as public, unlisted, or private.

Input Information for Videos
Input Information for YouTube video

❻ Do More Settings

If you want to do more settings, you can click “SETTINGS” . When you finish setting, just click OK.

Do More Settings
Do More Settings

❼ Export Now

Click the “Export” button to export your video directly to your Youtube channel.