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Manage Tracks for Windows

Filmora offers you an organized editing workspace through its Manage Tracks option. Users can perform various track functionalities using this option, and this guide contains an overview of them:

Accessing the Manage Track Option

Managing Track option in Filmora allows users to add separate tracks for both audio and video. Moreover, you can customize the track's height and settings. Continue to learn more about this feature below:

Step 1: Launch Filmora and Create a New Project

Launch it to access its main menu after successfully completing the download process for Filmora. From there, navigate towards the "New Project" option and click it.

open filmora and create a new project
Open filmora and create a new project
Step 2: Locate the Manage Track Option

Upon reaching Filmora's main interface, navigate towards the timeline panel and explore and click the button from its left panel.

access manage track option
Access manage track option
Step 3: Explore this Function and Choose According to Your Requirements

Once you hit the track manage option, click on the option below and begin editing. Select "Delete Selected Track" to remove a track or employ "Delete Empty Tracks". Further, users can adjust a track's height using the "Adjust Track Height" option and lock them by clicking "Lock All Tracks".

explore the manage track options
Explore the manage track options
Step 4: Adding or Customizing a New Track

Users can select the "Track Manager" option from the track manager selection menu to add new video or audio tracks in the timeline panel.

enable track manager
Enable track manager