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Video Editing Workflow

— What are the steps in video editing? Check the basic video editing workflow to edit faster and save time.
How to Zoom in Video After It's Recorded or Saved
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Want to zoom in video on sections of interest after it's been recorded? Here shows you how to zoom in video with a smart video zoomer for Mac/Win with Filmora video zoomer.
by Liza Brown 04.01.2019
How to Rotate or Flip Your Video on Windows/Mac [3 Methods]
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Have you ever shoot video and found it rotated 90 degree? It's an error made by many people. So this article tells you to rotate a video with 2 methods. Check it out to find out what the 2 ways are!
by Liza Brown 25.03.2019
How to Cut / Split / Trim Videos without Quality Loss in Mac/Windows
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How to cut videos into several clips? Just get the handy but powerful video cutter to start video cutting on Mac/Windows.
by Liza Brown 10.07.2019